“Was also told everybody walked from the overturned SUV”

by Prince Of Petworth May 12, 2016 at 4:13 pm 14 Comments


A reader reports:

“This happened after 3:15. I was told the SUV had the right away and the small car ran the light southbound on 13th. Was also told everybody walked from the overturned SUV. A woman and two children. They were at the ambulance. The driver in the small car is an elderly lady and was still sitting in the driver’s seat. A second ambulance arrived at the scene.”

  • D

    You’re only posting this so everyone here can shit on Maryland drivers. The truth is, they suck.

    But all drivers suck. Because driving itself is the problem.

    • stacksp

      Disagree on all accounts. Accidents happen whether car, big wheel, motorcycle or power walking, etc….

    • atlas

      Humans make mistakes and misjudgments. The best way to realistically reduce traffic-related injuries/deaths is proper street design. Don’t get me wrong. If it were up to me, the use of private motor vehicles in dense environments would be eliminated (or severely curtailed). But realistically, this region of the country/world is not ready for that physically or psychologically.

    • shmoo

      SUV HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY… i take that to mean it was not the fault of the maryland driver. nice try troll.

    • You got me. On my to do list everyday!!

      • ajr

        Oh PoP, I love you so.

    • jim_ed

      IDEA: If Maryland Drivers don’t want to be universally crapped on by everyone, maybe they should stop driving so terribly?

      • Anonymous

        “If Maryland Drivers don’t want to be universally crapped on by everyone,…”
        They’re really only crapped on by DC people though. A lot of DC people seem to believe that their personal observations somehow reveal universal truths, but it just isn’t so.

        • Anonymous

          I’ll also add that your idea is a non-starter because I don’t think MD drivers care what you or any of us DC folk think about their driving.

      • DRC

        Dude. I’m from MD and have lived in the DMV all my life, driving well over 20k mi/yr for the last 15 years. MD drivers are apparently not great city drivers, but DC drivers are horrible in and out of the city. Not as bad as NY drivers, but DC drivers are by far the worst in the area.

        • textdoc

          I see terrible driving in D.C. by people from all three jurisdictions. I’m not entirely sure what the “Maryland driver” stereotype is all about.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      Yes. End driving. Forever! I can’t wait till my Amazon Prime orders are all delivered by bike. Free One Month Shipping is so fast!

  • 13th street driver

    Something going on on 13th Street yesterday…there was another flipped car on 13th a few blocks south of Missouri at around 6 last night. I saw the car flip and bounce on its roof about half a block in front of me…no idea how the driver managed to do that going straight south on 13th.

    I immediately pulled over and jumped out and tried to call 911/approach the car, but other bystanders had already called and were assisting the driver out of the car. She looked dazed but ok. Anyone have any updates?
    It was really refreshing to see how many people responded so quickly to help. Within 30 seconds at least a dozen people were on the scene.

    • DRC

      I’d say not paying attention (phone, makeup, whatever) and clipping a curb at 30-40 mph could probably overturn a car going straight down a road. I’ve also seen cars flip turning left through an intersection that has a small hump in the middle of it. Too fast around the corner, hit the hump and it goes right over.


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