Sweetgreen launches new seasonal menu, nixing bacon and sriracha

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From an email:

“I work with sweetgreen, the destination for simple, seasonal, healthy food, and wanted to share news of their new “Make America Healthy Again” campaign and simultaneous menu changes, designed to spark a dialogue around the food system and its relationship to our country’s health crisis.

At Sweetgreen, they feel it’s important to not only talk about the food system and how it’s connected to public health, climate change and the environment, but it’s important to take real steps to address these issues.

As part of this campaign, and furthering its overall goal of building healthier communities, Sweetgreen is launching a new seasonal menu May 24). In keeping with the seasons, Sweetgreen changes its menu five times a year, so it will have its usual seasonal additions (more on that if you’re interested!). But for this menu rollout, Sweetgreen went a little further. May 24th also marks the fleetwide launch of its new core menu, to which they have made the following changes:

    • They removed sriracha: The second ingredient in sriracha is sugar, so they removed it from all recipes, replacing it with the natural, sugar-free heat of dried chiles.

    • They removed bacon: Simply put, you can’t be a healthy food business and serve bacon. Removing bacon is another step to get the menu to a healthier, more wholesome place.

    • They added portobello mushrooms and sustainably farmed steelhead: The new Hello Portobello and OMG Omega bowls are rich and hearty in flavor, more nutritious and more compelling than the dishes they’re replacing (Avocobbo and Wild Child). The roasted portobello mix and steelhead toppings are delicious, versatile and sustainable.

Chef Stebner had some additional background to share, and you can read about it in this medium piece.”

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