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  • Anon. No. 5

    I’m pretty sure the lady in the green jacket in the 2nd photo is the Episcopal Bishop of Washington.

    Sounds like a pretty cool event!

    • Suse

      Yup. That’s Bishop Budde, allright.

  • shmoo

    this always reminds me of that scene in Dogma where they find out the priest is such a jerk he would bless his own golf clubs.

  • Anon

    Holy 90s! Scott Drop-In bars!

    • BWS

      …and road suspension fork!

  • bruno

    Let’s hope it does some good :^0

    • bruno

      Next week: Blessing of the pedestrians :^0

      • KenyonDweller

        Followed by the cursing of the cars.

  • anon

    Obviously none of the bikes I’ve seen on the streets lately were there, otherwise they would’ve been screaming and thrashing and vomiting.


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