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Stolen Sweet City Ride Recovered!

by Prince Of Petworth May 17, 2016 at 11:15 am 6 Comments


A reader updates with some good news on his stolen 1972 Honda CB750k:

“The bike was recovered just a few blocks from my place in an alley. It was recovered with little damage. The officers were extremely helpful and professional, as you can see, dusting the bike for fingerprints!”

  • kyle

    my bike wasn’t dusted for fingerprints when it was stolen. I also had to report the theft twice because the DCPD didn’t file the report the first time. Hell, they never even found it, I started getting parking tickets for it and tracked it down myself.

  • reuben

    Good for you man. I ride and I keep my bike covered and locked up directly in front of my house for all to see.
    Nice bike too.

  • Franklin

    I am glad you got the police to fingerprint it. It took an act of Council to get them to fingerprint when my house got broken into.

    My house was being gutted and apparently like many under construction houses, it got broken into.

    I had just had the new kitchen appliances delivered that day and had removed the plastic coating, leaving “virgin” untouched stainless steel. When the perps came in, they decided to apparently see if there was anything to eat in the fridge and left awesome prints all over it (you could easily see them).

    When the cops came, I pointed it out. They blew me off, said they likely weren’t in the system. Then it was because they could have been contractors finger prints, then it was because it had been a couple days and they could have gotten smudged.

    Only in DC does one have to get their Council member involved in getting the police to take prints in a burglery. Of course, the perps WERE in the system and were caught (and released) the next day.

  • Mike Smith

    The OP should share this with MPD leadership, Commander of the area, etc and say this is important (fingerprinting).

  • Ben

    I just wanted to chime in to say that you have a beautiful bike. Glad it was recovered in decent shape.

  • Amy

    Hi! I am so glad you got this sweet ride back!! I saw it out behind our place and called some amazing MPD friends to help track the rightful owner (you) down! I had a big hunch that someone had stolen and abandoned it in the alley, and then it got moved onto our property (likely in a neighbor’s innocent attempt to get their car through).

    Such a beautiful bike, so I am so happy that it’s back home! So sorry this happened to you, but in exchange,,hope your rides on beautiful days are even sweeter now.

    One more reason neighbors truly need each other!

    (And props to the hard-working officers of MPD. They were there within minutes of me reporting!)


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