• Blithe

    2B stolen?

    • I Dont Get It


  • DC1

    I bet you the UPS drivers will completely ignore that sign. I installed a safe drop box for my package deliveries and the only carrier that seems to make an effort to drop the packages in the box is USPS, the rest could care less.

    • Anonymous

      Lasership drivers are paid too little to GAF.

      • anon

        lasership drivers ARE THE WORST. i’m not sure why amazon even uses them. amazon has to lose money (perhaps trivial in their case) because they have to reship things that lasership REGULARLY drops off at a different address / wrong building. and I refuse to go from building to building on my block looking for my packages.

        • LasershipSucks

          LOL Lasership is a joke! They often lie and say they delivered something that never came, like if you’re home all day waiting and they claim they showed up but never did. Advice: call Amazon and complain every single time. I do this and Amazon every time will resend my order overnight express for free. 100% Amazon loses money and customers because of Lasershit.

        • KenyonDweller

          I won’t even accept Amazon free same day delivery anymore because 2-day delivery is faster and more reliable than Lasership.

          • Hill Denizen

            Hmmm, that would probably explain my Sunday delivery that never arrived. Luckily it was something I was on the fence about, so I just got a refund.

    • JohnH

      My UPS driver does a great job with delivering things per instructions I leave online. I get the email that I have an incoming delivery, have delivery instructions automatically saved, etc. – everyone should sign up for their service (it’s free).
      However, FedEx has been a disaster. If I see a company uses FedEx to ship, I don’t order from them. I’ve learned that when it does happen, just have it delivered to a nearby FedEx/Kinkos. Even then, the last time I did that – I put instructions to deliver to the store, got an email saying it was delivered to the store and when I arrived at the store, they said it wasn’t there and it happens all the time that people get an incorrect email. I went home…and there’s the delivery sitting on my doorstep (where they typically never will leave packages – and my saved delivery instructions which they ignore and don’t make the delivery say to leave it on my back patio).

      • Jill

        I rarely have packages go missing, but whenever they do they’re FedEx. I need to stop ordering from retailers that use them as well.

        • JohnH

          Easier said than done, unfortunately. A lot of times you won’t find out until after the order (some online retailers use multiple methods, guessing they calculate which will be cheaper).
          The delivery at a FedEx store usually works as long as you select that delivery method before the first delivery attempt. After that, who knows.

      • Sparta

        UPS drivers are union members, unlike FedEx workers. (I point this out given how the issue of workers belonging to a union always seems to come up when there are negative things to say about workers’ job performance.)

  • spookiness

    Maybe you can get away with that in Chevy Chase.

  • jdre

    Maybe they wanted it to be lifted off the cement, since it’s been rainy.

  • Papa G

    Yes, you can get away with that in Chevy Chase, as well as in most of the U.S. It’s sad that we, in most of DC, have become so resigned to the criminality we’re constantly surrounded by.

  • JTN

    I think we’re forgetting the obvious: “It’s a trap!!”

  • Dcxnc

    This is fine in Chevy Chase. My uncle lives nearby in Bethesda and hasn’t had a package go missing in 20 years.

    • Hill Denizen

      I live in Capitol Hill and have never had a package stolen in the 8.5 years I’ve lived here.

    • JohnH

      It only takes one time for it to suck.

    • CoHi Rachel

      I’ve lived in Columbia Heights for 7 years and in the last year have had a ton of packages stolen. Even my CSA veggies got nabbed recently. I have special directions with all the delivery companies to leave the packages in the basement well. They never do and UPS never does. I have many things replaced by Amazon on the regular.

    • d

      I live in Adams Morgan and have never had a package go missing in six plus years despite lots of online orders. Have heard that’s not the case with some neighbors so I’ll chalk it up to luck and a great UPS guy who usually hides them from street view.

  • Beau

    Maybe the camera is better situated if the packages are placed there?


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