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Props to Metro Transit Police

by Prince Of Petworth May 25, 2016 at 3:16 pm 5 Comments


From Metro Transit Police:

“ARREST: Dominick Simons, 25, of Washington, DC, on charges of armed robbery & kidnapping.”

I called a metro spokesperson for some details and they explain around 3pm a victim was forced from Bethesda to Friendship Height and robbed. Later a call with a similar description came from Van Ness where Metro Transit Police was able to make an arrest.

  • PolicyProposal

    I like that metro actually releases photos with their crime updates. I have always felt that by MPD not releasing photos it gave the criminals a bit of anonymity that maybe wasn’t deserved. Obviously, they are innocent until proven guilty. But with the constant revelations of the “catch and release” mentality with our courts and the future more horrific crimes that are committed. I can’t help but feel that more often then not the arrested are in fact guilty. I like this policy of releasing photos and would like to see MPD change their policy and do this as well. I have no science to back me up but if I knew that my photo would get plastered on the internet for the crimes I commit, I might think twice. Just my $.02

    • Jicks

      I agree, almost no other jurisdiction goes to such lengths to protect the accused like MPD. I think it’s detrimental to the level of crime in DC.

  • textdoc

    Odd how they released this information right away while keeping the rape under wraps for about a month.

    • Anon

      Not odd at all – after not reporting the rape to the public, Metro said they would start alerting the public of all violent crimes as long as it didn’t impede an ongoing investigation.

  • northeazy

    wow–don’t the kids listen to old rap songs anymore? “two cuts in your eyebrows trying to wild out.” Haha loser.


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