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  • JR

    “The IG will never notice”

    • Anon


  • Josh

    On the set of Downton Abbey’s US spinoff, DCrawley Abbey.

  • Chicken

    This is how the room looked before Britain’s Parliament debated banning Donald Trump from England.

  • The Burbs

    I told them not to take Metro to the royal dinner!

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    Trump embraces the Silicon Valley model of open seating for employees.

  • textdoc

    Tom Faison: “A Warhol queen, a Japanese screen… Transport yourself to the Far East, and then come back. Be dazzled, and BeDazzle. Do I contradict myself with my proletarian ideals and my luxe crystal? Very well, then — I contradict myself.”

    • d

      Ha, love it.

    • Oh my God, yes! I was hoping someone would do a clever Faison rif…you nailed it!

    • Trinidad Resident

      hahahahahahahaha you win!

  • aknomad

    Musical Chairs… the 1% Edition

    “With the ring of ‘Hail Britania’, Donald slowly walked through the crowds looking for a chair. Upon the end of the song, he was left standing alone with everyone’s gaze. He knew of only one thing to do and that was to begin a speech. Little did he know what he would say, but low and behold it was the real start of his campaign.”

  • druwbreezy

    My how the tables have turned…

  • Mug of Glop

    The extremely original cast of Hamilton couldn’t make the banquet on account of two centuries of continuous death.

  • BeverlyS


  • The next POP happy hour?!?

  • Responding to residents’ concerns and to appear more fiscally responsible, the mayor has scaled down the proposed shelters.

  • ***

    …”who ya gonna call?”

  • SMC_DC

    “liberace, party of 2? Your table is ready!”

  • On Capital Heels

    The foreign dignitaries at Trump’s “Make America Great Again” State Dinner pose for a picture.

  • logandweller

    DC Council’s revised family shelter plan includes family-style dining room.

  • MBru

    Some people should never be allowed near Photoshop!

  • David

    The lunch room at Metro Headquarters.

  • A

    A glimpse into (fmr) Rep. Aaron Schock’s office.

  • pb1

    No, no, no!!! I said happy hour for our “loyal” readers. Jesus, do I have to do everything around here??

  • Chris Panetta

    WHAT??!! The coffee is from Killer E.S.P.!? I’m out of here!

  • RG

    Harry Potter’s Bar Mitzvah rehearsal dinner.

  • BBNE

    Honey… I sent invitations 3 weeks ago and everyone said May 20th was just fine… What’s today? Fuck


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