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  • jeffb

    I’m not happy to see them open so close to MetroMutts, which I believe is a locally owned store. I will definitely favor MetroMutts to the big chain.

    • Anon

      It’s weird that MM decided to close their SE store instead of this one. I guess they don’t see the Petco as a threat to their business (and maybe it isn’t?).

  • Truxton

    Shaw, NOMA, now H Street. They all seem pretty close to one another. It is a smart market. I go there more often than I’d like to considering the prices. Honestly though, if you go to Amazon, you can get almost anything they sell for half the price. Especially toys. It has to be one of the most outrageously overpriced store chains I have experienced. I do like the bathing stations though.

  • LMatt_in_NE

    Please let there be a bathing station…After hiking with the dog, it would be nice to swing by here on the way home.


    Ah yes…. my “neighborhood dog & cat store” ran by a giant national corporation. I suppose by that standard the Starbucks is now my “neighborhood coffee shop”.

    This will suck for my true neighborhood store, MetroMutts, which was here well before chains dared to come. I hope for the best, but realistically fear I’ll lament the loss of a local small business, and it’s reminiscent of Cap City Diner’s struggle (and closure) when Denny’s opened.


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