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Soapstone Market coming to the Park Van Ness will have Sidewalk Seating for 40

by Prince Of Petworth May 18, 2016 at 10:22 pm 16 Comments

4465 Connecticut Avenue, NW

The Soapstone Market placards say:

“Grocery store with prepared food and deli also containing an eat-in café. Beer and wine available for on and off premises consumption. Tasting Endorsement.”


“Restaurant-style food such as sandwiches, salads, and entrees made-to-order in a counter-service, grab–n-go style within a full-service grocery store. Beer and wine available for on premise consumption. Tasting Endorsement and Sidewalk Café seating 40 patrons. Total Occupancy Load of 100. Seating for 60 inside premises.”

looking north to Albermarle

Stay tuned for the Italian Restaurant from the Fiola Folks.

looking south towards the metro

  • Melbot87

    I checked out the prices for this place and is it me or are they way too high for the area?

    • Anon

      Where did you see prices? Really hoping it’s not way too expensive (although Bread Furst seems to be doing just fine despite being on the spendy side)

      • Melbot87

        Sorry, I was referring to Park Van Ness, not Soapstone Market.

        • Cleveland Park runner

          It actually seems relatively low considering all the amenities. Walkable yet quiet neighborhood, close to the metro, $2100 for a 1br in a building with a pool that is a 15-minute walk to Rock Creek and across the street from Bread Furst? And the building is beautiful. If I were in the market for an apartment, I’d seriously consider this place. A new building just went up in Cathedral Commons renting for about $2300 for a 1br without a pool and not walkable to Rock Creek.

          • MtP

            Yeah, $2100 for a new one bedroom with all those amenities right on the metro is a really great deal. Also agree with the posts that this building looks great. Van Ness has a ways to go, but the streetscape is slowly getting more vibrant.

          • ***

            Cathedral Commons blows my mind. Not metro accessible, not really near anything except maybe AU, and charging 14th street prices. I really don’t know who they are trying to attract.

        • Chris

          It’s 2100 but I believe plus utilities, and not rent controlled. So that adds substantially to the potential costs.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s a handsome building. It really fits in with the historical architecture style of upper Connecticut Ave.
    Was the developer forced to design the building this way by an HPRC?

    • ***

      I’m actually really torn on it. When you walk by, it has a very Disney-esque quality to it, in that it’s so trying to be of a certain era but in a way that feels really fake. I half expect to walk around the back and see that it’s all a stage set.

    • ***

      There’s another development a little up the road at Connecticut and Military that took the opposite approach – went a little more Richard Meier all-white exterior, modern – that the neighborhood was up in arms over because it “didn’t fit the context of the neighborhood” that I think is actually more successful. It’s not pretending to be 1920’s Art Deco, but it’s also not as obscenely out of place as the NIMBY’s made it out to be.

    • JS

      This isn’t in an historic district, so I’m guessing the developer just went with this design. You’re starting to see more neo-deco in new builds these days.

  • As If

    Whoa… when did this pop up? I haven’t been around there in years, but is this where Delhi Dhaba & Pier 1 used to be?

  • Another key element to this building is that, while it faces CT Ave, it backs onto Soapstone Valley and the opening in the middle leads to a platform overlooking the valley. I can totally see coming down here on a nice night for an ice cream etc. There’s a Giant, CVS and an awesome liquor store with a nice deli just up the road so this market will need to offer something they don’t.

    • UpConn

      Based on the description here, I’m hoping for a something akin to Glen’s Garden Market.

  • DC_Chica

    I just moved to Van Ness (not this building) and I’m really looking forward to when this opens!


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