• Truxton Thomas

    It kept us from crossing 7th Street and getting to Giant, necessitating a detour to Safeway, but it was an excellent speech. It was kind of cool watching it on WHUT knowing that he was giving it a few blocks away.

  • MarkQ

    Their temporary sign for Obama puts their permanent business sign to shame. Looks like it hasn’t been changed since the early 1960s.

  • Anonymous

    I love it that Obama called out HoChi. That f’n place.

  • 7thStTechGuy

    Love this guy, going to miss him.

    • dcgator

      Man o man, am I gonna miss him, too. Jeez.

  • Todd

    i believe this was one of his best speeches since election. Maybe his best ever. History will treat this man kindly.

  • What does “HU HE KNOW” mean? Google is not helping. I have a feeling based on its prominence in the post it’s something painfully obvious and I just don’t have my coffee brain working yet.

    • SWChris

      “HU….You Know!” is a rallying cry for the school.

      • anon

        Am I the only one who had mixed feelings about the use of African-American Vernacular English (“he know”) in the sign?

        • SWchick

          I don’t think its “African-American Vernacular English” but I do think they should have added an “s” making it “He Knows” but that kind of takes away from mimicking the “u-know”, you know? lol

          • Anonymous

            HU…HE KNOW(S)!

            I DVRd the speech since I was out of town. I’m looking forward to watching it. When I graduated we had Hillary Clinton for the key note. I believe she was Senator Clinton at the time.


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