Washington, DC


“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to reach out to you about a dangerous animal on second street. The other night I was letting my dog out to go the bathroom and we went to the field by second and W st, nw. When we were out there there was a dog that I could not see that was way back in the park. And that dog ran after my dog and viciously attacked my dog Kaiser. I was wondering if we can find any more information about this dog. It’s a black pit bull its owner is an African-American with short dreadlocks about 30 years old. When I confronted the owner about his dangerous animal he told me that I should not be in the field with my dog. That his dog is a dog aggressive dog and I should take my dog to the dog park not the field. I’m in the process of making a report and trying to get this dog removed from the neighborhood. I was wondering if anybody else has dealt with this dog or knows of an incident that happened with their dog with this dog?

Photo of injured pup after the jump.



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