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by Prince Of Petworth May 3, 2016 at 11:20 am 6 Comments


From an email:

“May 14th, 2016, will be the tenth anniversary of the last episode of The West Wing.

It will also be the date that Claire Handscombe will self-publish an anthology of quotes and essays titled “Walk With Me: How The West Wing Changed Our Lives”. In its 106 pages, fans from six countries, ranging in age from 20 to 70, write or speak about the impact of their love for The West Wing on their personal, professional, relational, spiritual, and creative lives.

Digital copies of Walk With Us may be requested for review, and are available on pre-order. ($2.99)

Product Description: The West Wing premiered in 1999. That’s a long time ago. Back then, we were worrying about the Millennium Bug, paying $700 for DVD players, and using pagers. 1999: a century ago.

And yet, the show continues to have an impact that is arguably unique. If you live or work in DC, references to it are inescapable. People have walked down the aisle to the theme music. Or they’ve named children, pets, GPS systems, and even an iPhone app after the characters. Or they’ve started Twitter accounts as the characters to continue the storyline and comment on current political events. Or they credit it for closer relationships with their family members or a way out of depression.

In this anthology of quotes and essays, contributors from six countries, ranging in age from twenty to seventy years old, tell their West Wing stories.

  • Or you can just listen to West Wing Weekly, which I highly recommend.

    • CHGal

      Was going to say the same thing. It’s giving me an excuse to re-watch, although it’s hard to stop at one episode a week. I don’t want to get my viewing too far ahead of the podcast.

      • I know! I can’t stop once I start and I’ve seen every episode like 8 times.

    • Rebecca

      I have been loving both West Wing Weekly and West Wing History Class. They both do a great job providing a fun overview of the show and background info, whether through interviews or how the show relates to history.

      That said, they’re about the actual show. This book is about the fandom and the ways in which people’s lives have been changed by the show. I haven’t read it but as a member of another very active fandom, I can speak to fandoms playing a huge role in the lives of fans. Lifelong friendships are made, career paths are chosen, lives are literally saved.

      I’m super excited to see what stories fans of West Wing gave decided to share!

  • Alannah Ryan

    The West Wing Weekly is really great, but this book is way more about the surrounding fandom and the West Wing community, and doesn’t just talk about the show or recap episodes.

    Not trashing the podcast – I listen weekly, too! – just saying this is a totally different viewpoint and you can’t really compared the two.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    This is all true. I named my GPS system Mister President.


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