Shooting Outside the Petworth Metro Just Before 3pm

by Prince Of Petworth May 16, 2016 at 4:25 pm 44 Comments


A reader reports:

“Several gunshots were fired on NH between Quincy and Georgia NW around 2:40pm. 911 was called and all details reported. Several fire/police vehicles parked in front of the metro and a victim (alive) was seen being strapped onto a gurney and taken away in an ambulance.”

DCAlerts tweeted:

“Shooting in the 3700 b/o Georgia Ave NW. LOF an unknown male and female. Suspects in a dark colored SUV.”


  • ctk


  • anon

    Ugh. It’s going to be a long summer.

    • ParkViewneighbor

      it’s not even that warm :)

    • textdoc

      I had the same thought. :(

  • Y.U. Parcthar

    This anecdotal increase in daytime crime has me more than anecdotally freaked out.

  • Petworth dude

    I’m sure the victim will happily share everything that happened!

  • ParkViewneighbor

    Since i live within a block of the intersection, this is super scary. Broad daylight, random monday…
    But hey, don’t worry ! Bowser, Todd, Lanier are doing a great job, aren’t they ?

    • ZetteZelle

      Brandon Todd reported that it was a “senior” who was shot. So we know he’ll be all over making sure this never happens again (unlike those times it’s happened to those in the less-likely-to-vote demographic).

  • LittleBluePenguin

    Well that’s awesome. jfc, folks, what the hell?!

  • Anon

    Around the corner from a daycare…

    • stacksp

      My aunt works at Tiny Tot if that’s the daycare you are referencing

  • I walked by about 20 minutes after it happened. Tons of police–they were checking vehicles parked on the other side of New Hampshire for bullet holes when I walked by.

    I just moved a couple of blocks from the Petworth metro last month, so seeing this in the middle of the afternoon is definitely concerning.

    It was broad daylight and there were a ton of kids around who had just gotten out of school.

  • Ted

    At least a dozen crime evidence bullet casing markers along the ground along the one block stretch of NH north of the metro station. This was next to the metro and across from several businesses. I dont see how this crime could not have been caught on some surveillance camera. And if not, we need better crime prevention cameras in this city.

    • DSB

      There are no less than 5 cameras outside of the station alone. The house directly north is a notorious drug spot.

      • Concerned

        The house directly north on Georgia or on New Hampshire?

        • anon

          rock creek church road – next to a daycare center. Please do something about this MPD!!

    • A

      There’s a crime camera on the far-left light post in the photo. I served on a jury a few years ago and the footage from the camera was a key part of the evidence against the defendant (along with the footage from inside a store where he shot someone at near point blank range…).

  • Marcela

    Is The neighborhood going to hold a meeting? Or is the Mayor or the ANC4C?

    • jonah

      Marcela, I am an ANC Commissioner in 4C but not this particular area. I know about as much as you do right now so I am hoping there will be a few updates this evening that can clarify the events. The Mayor’s office does has a staff member who is the community liaison for Ward 4 on scene. I would imagine the public and the ANC will get the same updates when they come. The next PSA meeting with MPD for this area is late June. Depending on what we all find out we could ask them to host a meeting sooner, if needed.

      • Anonymous

        Oh great, another meeting. They’ve solved so much in the past. Let me guess, the Police, Bowser and Todd will call for “all hands on deck” and a “top to bottom review.” Been there done that more times than I can count. Nothing changes. There needs to be changes at MPD. Where is the VICE squad? Oh yah, disbanded and centralized. That worked well!

        • Anony

          Bring back the VICE for f sake!!! Sorry Nadeau they worked and are much more effective than the current approach…stick to public housing increases b/c you are soft on crime and it is showing

        • ParkViewneighbor

          Dude you could totally be an elected official in DC, you got the linguo

          • Thought

            Anon 11:19 pm wasn’t me! But I couldn’t agree more! : )

  • Brad

    That’s it. I’m leaving.

  • Park Viewer

    I’m baffled that people seem to blame the mayor and police chief for high crime in this city. Yes they could do more (foot patrols!) but do the mayor and chief in La Crosse Wisconsin get credit for such low violent crime there? Parents. Parents and peers are 98% of the issue. Please be a great parent or don’t get pregnant.

    • Anonymous

      It’s pretty clear that the consolidation of the VICE squads has been a disaster. Police will agree. Most city council members agree. I mean, how long until the mayor can admit a mistake? The police have to put in a “request” just to get VICE to come to their district. Aside from the increased bureaucratic red tape, if the request is approved, it’s then several days to a week later. The trail is cold. Police don’t like to do paperwork anyway. Many feel it’s a waste of time.

    • madmonk28

      You’re baffled that people expect the city’s chief executive and the head of the police department to take steps to reduce violent crime?

      • Annon MPD (2)

        LAPD AND LA county sheriff both have vice units and I’d guess even the city in Wisconsin does too. So the mayors and chief aren’t blamed because they’re doing as much as they can. Here we, aren’t using all tactics as possible. It’s only going to get worse until we get those back in the districts. Patrol officers can’t do what Vice Units do, they don’t have the time or numbers. Oh, it also doesn’t help the entire district is getting roughly 10-15 new officers a month. When MPD is losing much more than 10-15 officers a month.

        • Annon MPD (2)

          Also La Platta has something like 10K residence. If there were only 50K residences here, we could have a department of 50 officers. Any other major US Cities that you’d use as an example?

          • Annon MPD (2)

            La Crosse*

        • madmonk28

          It’s obvious to me that Lanier and Bowser are in completely over their heads. Lanier seems like she has risen to a point beyond her abilities and clings to failed policies while not adapting to circumstances. It’s clear we need vice units back in the districts, that doesn’t mean we go all the way back to the bad old days of the jump out squads using excessive violence, but we need good policing in these communities. It’s the same blocks over and over again. Lanier and Bowser seem like the only two people in the city who can’t figure out that what they’re doing isn’t working.

      • anon

        no kid, we’re baffled that you think that 2 people can change that much. this is the real world, i’m afraid

    • stacksp


      The mayor is not raising these kids that shoot out their frustrations nor is she presiding over there legal proceedings or handing down sentencing. People have been handling disagreements via the gun in DC for decades.

    • Carly

      As someone who was born in La Crosse and lived there for 18 years I’m not sure why apples and oranges are being compared in this scenario. My friends and family complain all the time about the uptick in crime in La Crosse but I will look at stats later since I’m curious. :)

    • textdoc

      What does D.C. offer in the way of parental training for at-risk parents? Seems like that could help, along with the schools emphasizing nonviolent conflict resolution.

  • K

    Yesterday was an extremely violent day in DC. This was only 1 of 5 that happened yesterday afternoon. All but this one occurred in Ward 7.

  • Annon MPD (2)

    Okay, this is how I look at Vice squads. Everyone that drives and drives on highways know how or what the state troopers marked cruisers look like. They can see them, slow down, and then pick up the pace after they pass the marked cruiser. What everyone worries about on the highway are the unmarked Ford Mustang State Troopers. Because you can’t tell they’re the police until it’s too late. (1. Happened to me in High School. 2. Using as an example not about if speeding “should be against the law.”) But, the unmarked cruiser does it job, catches speeders. Now for urban policing, marked police cars, are obvious, and easy to spot. Drug boys, crew members, or what not can spot them from blocks away. Now, if we have unmarked cars rolling up on them, the violence will slow down, be less frequent, and be more isolated. Because those people engaged in those activities will have to look over their should and wonder if that Honda Civic coming up on them is full of cops or not. To the whole, “excessive force” idea, this isn’t the 90’s, everyone knows they’re recorded. And MPD does a great job holding us accountable. (Believe it or not, they do. And that is an amazing thing. I don’t enjoy the paper work but I enjoy being able to explain why did X.) If we want this violence to decrease, we need to bring back the idea of having the people causing these problems to have to look over their shoulders again. Now again, this is merely for my department, and our cities department. I can’t, and will not answer for departments I don’t work for. But, as a member of this department, I believe we could have both accountability and success in using all the tactics that we have at our disposal. I love this city, this department, y’all, and I believe our chief is trying to appease the national conversation when we don’t have the problems other cities have. I get that we are the nations capital and we should set an example. But if Chicago (I get a bad example because the department is in shambles and needs to be gutted) got rid of their vice units, their violence would get even worse, just like it did here. But this is a patrol officers opinion that lives in these streets and see what happens every days. Well five days a week. I do enjoy my days off! Ha.

    • Anony


    • Anony

      …and thank you for your hard work

    • Tom

      Thank you. The snake politicians in this town have tied one hand behind MPD’s back with this idiotic no ‘plain clothes+unmarked cars’ policy. It’s like they want to give an advantage to criminals. People need to stop being apologists for people who commit violent crime and get off the self-pleasing anti-cop shtick and recognize that dealing with violent people is dangerous, difficult and unpredictable.

    • Accountering

      Reading this makes me so angry that they have taken this away. This seems like a no brainer, and the fact you aren’t permitted to do your job sucks…

    • seab

      I agree with what you’re saying but the US government would never fund a Japanese made car :)

      • Annon MPD (2)

        Haha, fair point.

    • Anonymous

      And this is exactly why Bowser and Lanier deserve our judgement. They KNOW this, but don’t care. They’re more concerned with protecting criminals than law abiding citizens. I’m amazed how out of touch she is on this crime issue. It’ll cost her the election – probably a few councilmembers too.


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