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  • Lisa

    As I recall the city put up those hanging yellow signs for businesses when construction was underway for the convention center, as retail was highly impacted. Cuttin’ Up is one of the last businesses on this stretch who has been here since then. Sorry to see them go, but glad they’re not going far. If anybody wonders this is the building with the Shaw Racing Team ‘graffiti’ on the Blagden Alley side of the building.

  • BostonToShaw

    I’d love for something great to happen to the 2nd half of this building. The first half being occupied by the liquor store (which is run by some of the nicest people in this city!), the barber shop was the only real business on this other section. The ‘clothing shop’ shut down awhile go and the lottery kiosk is just stupid. It’s a good location with lots of foot traffic, so something should be able to do well there.

    • JohnH

      Both of these businesses have very nice people working there.

  • JohnH

    These guys are great. No frills, but cheap. Who needs to pay $60 to have someone use clippers? Glad they will be getting an upgrade!

  • Paul H
    • Lisa

      Good catch.


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