• MtP

    Definitely prefer just the umbrellas – much more open and inviting, otherwise it is just like an extension of being indoors and doesn’t make the street as lively. I guess this allows them to use it way more often though.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      I agree, it’s a step backward.

  • Emi G

    Will this make the service less rude and food less mediocre? Fingers crossed! /s

    • GCK1

      Agreed. Still praying for the glorious resurrection of Murphy’s, but the old green cover can stay in the dirt.

    • mchdc

      Doubtful–you can’t polish a turd. I live in the neighb and gave the place two chances–both so disappointing.

  • Gg

    The outdoor cover addition was required by the neighborhood not the idea of the restaurant. Fellow neighbors we’re complaining of noise. I think they complaints may have been bogus…there’s hardly ever anyone there. Also still hoping for better service but we keep going because we don’t want another empty storefront in WP.

    • Gg

      Horrific iPhone auto (in)corrected in the above. Apologies.


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