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  • wdc

    Poor fella. I hope someone moved him somewhere he can find some rats to eat.

    • skj84

      Like a toilet? ;-)

      • LittleBluePenguin

        ha! oh man, I had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, and i definitely turned the light on and checked my toilet before I sat down, just to be extra safe!

      • wdc


    • Snakesvsrat

      With all the construction in this area, he will be fat in a week!

  • LedroitTigah

    Snakes, I don’t like. Not one bit. (Though I do appreciate it when they stay out of my way and eat mice and things)

  • Tsar of Truxton

    Looks like it got hit by a car.

  • Kia Penso

    A couple of years ago I found one in the street in my neighborhood in NE. The kids nearby had apparently killed it. I expect that there are lots of them out here somewhere, near to the Anacostia with all the woods and so on, not to mention the abundant food supply of rats and mice. It would be good to have some education for kids about local wildlife so that they’d appreciate that the snakes are actually on their side, and that one reason the we have the constant ubiquitous battle with rats is that we’ve made the District so inhospitable to their natural predators.

  • AnonV2

    I was jogging a few years ago (granted this was a couple blocks from Rock Creek, but it was on a residential row house street) and stopped to let a HUGE rat snake finish crossing the road. It spanned nearly an entire lane of traffic at one point and must have been at least 10 ft long. I hope it found time to live up to its name and find lots of meals.

  • Shawnnnnnn

    I hate snakes (terrified) and would like to go one with my life believing they do not live in the city, so this is not helpful. That said, I do hope someone called the animal control whatever department to have it moved/put out of its misery rather than leave it there to continue to get run over. Seems clear it was hit already once. Shameful to let it suffer (even if snakes are awful and evil and should not exist).

    • General Grant Circle

      Whats wrong with snakes? They are helpful in keeping pests down and largely stay away from humans. Fine creatures!

      • Shawnnnnnn

        I didn’t say my fear/hate was rational. That’s not usually a requirement for a phobia.

  • Brentwood

    I have a near paralyzing fear of snakes, but reading one of the animal control officer blog posts about how many rats they eat made me want to get one for my neighborhood. (Same reaction when I learned that possums kill rats, along with eating ticks. I was like “You’re still gross looking, but I won’t turn the sprinkler on when I see you in my yard anymore.”)

  • HateSnakes

    One of the top 10 reasons (and there are so many) that I want to move to Ireland: no snakes. I’ve seen two in the past 12 months, and I am just about done. One was last weekend in my new yard, so that was not unexpected–just unwelcome. But the first was in the elevator of my coop in Lanier Heights. Even though it was absolutely tiny, I nearly had a heart attack. “Near paralyzing fear” is a very good description.

    • wdc

      Interesting! I’ve never seen one in DC at all, anywhere. Other than the zoo, of course. Maybe I could be the person one calls when one has a snake*. I like them, and feel like there aren’t quite enough of them in my life.
      * non-venomous. I’m an amateur.

  • Megan

    No tree over top there. That’s right on the corner near the new construction. Looks like the camera is facing south.

    I live right there and have never seen a single snake in the area and I will admit I am now freaked out. But, we also have a huge influx of rats due to all the construction and restaurants soooo I guess I should get over it.

  • Brett M

    Happens often on rainy days…they float right up through the sewers and storm drains…I almost stepped on one last fall right near a drain. Didn’t realize it was a snake until he lurched at me.

    • Shawnnnnnn

      Hearing that description of lurching made me literally pull my feet up off the floor. God. I hate snakes.

  • Mark P

    Wow, I saw a snake at this EXACT intersection on Saturday! It was on the sidewalk out in front of the 11M convenience store. People walking by weren’t sure if it was dead, alive, or a fake snake. I courageously investigated closer to find that it was real, and dead. Still scared people walking by though!

  • mpeterson78

    My gf saw a very similar snake on Saturday at the EXACT same location. Instead of the street, it was on the sidewalk in front of the 11M convenience store.


  • DCitizen

    Nice juxtaposition with yesterday’s rat-in-toilet horror (https://www.popville.com/2016/04/nightmares-for-months-rats-dc/). I prefer the snake, thank you. I grew up around plenty of harmless snakes, and they don’t faze me.

  • victoria

    Snakes don’t “lurch” at anyone! They don’t drop on you from trees, or sneak up through your drains. They are a hugely beneficial part of all ecosystems. We have only 3 poisonous snakes in this area, and they are extremely rare to encounter. Otherwise – dozens of harmless, beneficial and beautiful ones!

    I do understand some people get freaked out by things they don’t understand – but it is really easy to understand snakes!!!


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