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  • anonymous

    This is how you get your vespas stolen.

  • ClePark

    Those are brand new primaveras and a sprint, I know cuz I just bought one. Maybe someone who owns the vespa dealership in Arlington has a stake in DC real estate?

  • I Dont Get It

    Fantastic block but $499k seems high for a 1 bedroom. Am I just behind the times on real estate trends?

    • stacksp


      I dont get it either.

    • jumpingjack

      And it looks like a basement-level one bedroom!

    • Anon

      Haven’t seen the mentioned unit, but $500k seems to be right around the median for a Logan condo. Some folks are willing to pay more for new construction?

      • Nathan

        Yeah seems about right to me. Right in Logan, new construction, high end finishes. Small condo building, which appeals to many people. Low condo fee compared to other larger buildings (yes you’re not getting all the amenities, but makes the budget a little easier), since you’re just paying for the common utilities and reserves.

        • DC Homeowner

          Sorry I disagree. While the finishes are high-end, that’s standard in the area now. Great location and nicely done, but it seems way overpriced for a small basement apartment. Great views of trash bins and neighboring walls through iron bars. I just don’t get it at over $700 a square foot and with a $217 monthly HOA!

          But hey, at least this only helps my property value nearby!

        • ExWalbridgeGuy

          I thought $500k for new(ish) 1-br sounded maybe about right until I saw it was a basement. New finishes doesn’t make this a non-basement. And the bathroom is nothing special. I think this price is somewhat too high. If someone does buy at this price they’ll regret it because in 5 years when they go to sell then it’s new anything. Then it’s just a basement in a ~100-year-old building with the kitchen finishes that were trendy 5 years previous…

          • Nathan

            Didn’t realize this was a basement, though should have looked at the pictures more closely. Yeah in that case I’ll say it probably is a bit high.

  • OP Anon

    Is the Vespa a buyer incentive? That would actually be kind of cool.


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