• Tsar of Truxton

    I hear what sounds like people on my roof all the time at night. I assume it is a raccoon or something.

    • Same here, even the squirrels can be pretty loud.

    • AdsizKiz

      OP here. It was definitely a person. I’ve heard a fair amount of squirrels and racoons milling about up there, and it was nothing like this. Whoever it was was on the roof directly above my bed, so I heard footsteps very distinctly (sounded like they were wearing boots). My room is also adjacent to the deck and has a door leading out to it, so I’m quite sure I heard them drop down and start walking around. The distance from the roof to the deck is not that far (probably about 12 feet) and can be helped along by the deck railing, window bars, and deck furniture.

  • Glen

    Yeah, we have squirrels or raccoons running around on our roof all the time. Those critters jump down from the roof to the back deck all the time. A human doing that in the dark without a ladder? Probably not.

  • Lego Batman

    Batman needed a place to work on his batarang skills. Nothing to worry about here.

  • Keefer

    This is more common than you think and the have actually caught people on the roof in my block., they check roof hatches to see if any are unlocked

    • kittycatbob

      One of my neighbors was on the top of her roof and was surprised to see how easy it would be to get into the other neighbor’s homes through the roof. If I thought someone was on my roof, I’d call 911 so fast!

  • Anonymous

    I’d love a little more context if the original tipster is around. As in — how vulnerable is your roof/back deck to this sort of thing? Did they have to jump a fence or climb up onto your deck or roof?

    Also, was it someone trying to break in, and were they armed? Or was it kids messing around? Or someone looking for food or a place to sleep. They are all scary for a homeowner, but as a neighbor, I feel pretty differently about each of those incidents. For instance, the kids in our neighborhood do a lot of trespassing and light vandalism, but I view them as pretty harmless; the drug dealers, not so much.

    • 18th Street

      “pretty harmless” … until they fall off your roof and sue you for not protecting them while they were trespassing

    • AdsizKiz

      Tipster here. :) Until now, I did not think that our backyard or roof were very vulnerable. Our backyard is closed in with a high wooden fence that is quite difficult to climb. However, once you get a few houses down the block, some of the yards are not as well enclosed. If someone can get up to a roof further down the block, they could just walk it the whole way down to our house. From the roof, it’s quite easy to get onto the deck.

      As to the nature or intentions of the person…no idea. The person was walking directly above my bed and I could hear footsteps quite clearly. Then I heard them drop down and start walking on the deck (which is right next to my room). At that point, I was quite freaked out and left my room to wake up my housemate and call the cops…definitely was not about to go searching for the person myself.

      The only possible clue came from a person we saw walking around the abandoned house next door while waiting for the cops. The owners of the house are there on occasion, but the place is completely uninhabitable, so seeing someone in the yard at 4 a.m. was very weird. The person walked off before the cops showed up and I didn’t get a good look at his face.

  • shaw resident

    they don’t need a ladder to get onto your roof if they have access from another attached rowhouse. our house was broken into a few years ago by someone coming in through the roof hatch. they used the cable from our cable tv to shimmy down into the house once they wrenched the hatch open. (no one was home, just stuff stolen.) the police officer who responded told us the safest thing was a well-installed skylight as they are integrated into the roof such that they can’t be opened.

  • anon

    We give props to DC cops now just for showing up?

    • shadesofpale

      ha, I was waiting for someone to have this response.

    • kittycatbob

      We should give props to the cops for showing up but only if it’s within an established response time that’s commensurate with the type of 911 call. So 5 mins for an active break-in good and 15 mins bad. Who wants to put that chart together?


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