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  • textdoc


  • lilly collings

    lol whatever. i have just accepted metro doesnt give a damn. someone masturbated in front of me, so I told an employee. she told her co-worker and they both just laughed uncontrollably. okay….?

    screw it.

  • textdoc

    For what it’s worth… it’s probably better to call or text Metro Transit Police directly when you see something like this. It seems as though many of Metro’s station-based employees just don’t care.

    • textdoc

      The voice number for MTPD: (202) 962-2121
      The text number for MTPD: MyMTPD (696873)

    • marybindc

      “For what it’s worth… it’s probably better to call or text Metro Transit Police directly”

      So you can have another department ignore you.

      • Sonci

        Do you have any personal experience with this, Mary?

        Because on the two occasions when I have had the need to contact Metro Police they have been responsive and helpful.

        • marybindc

          Actually no, I was just being the bitter realist that you become after years of experience with DC bureaucracy. I’m glad to hear that Metro Police are better than the rest of WMATA and rescind my snark.

    • But I still don’t get reception in half the stations and none of the tunnels. Well played, metro.

  • Josh

    Never going to become a world-class system with an attitude like “that’s just what they do. Just change cars”

    • FridayGirl

      Although when you think about it, what are station managers going to do about it? It would be great if they cared — they should at least act like it — but aside from calling MTPD, I’m not sure if they have any power over it. As textdoc said, it’s probably better just to call MTPD directly when you see something like this happen.

      • textdoc

        They should at least act like they care and promptly call MTPD. Locals might have the contact information for MTPD, but tourists aren’t going to have it.
        Reminds me of one time when I got on the 5A Metrobus at Dulles after returning from a trip abroad, and the bus driver told me the fare was a higher number than it really was. When I called him out on it, he said, “Oh — I was just playing with you.”
        Totally unprofessional way to greet visitors to the nation’s capital.

        • FridayGirl

          Oh, I agree with you completely. And that bus driver sounds like a total turd.
          But realistically, until WMATA fires everyone and starts over (or comes up with some crazy effective customer service course for employees), I think it’s better to know how to deal with things yourself. Even though that doesn’t necessarily help the tourists.

  • markus

    Quickly becoming San Francisco

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Wait, things like this still surprise people?

  • Hill Denizen

    Another reason carpets on metro cars are a terrible idea.

    • Anon

      + 1 I don’t like to think about what I’m standing on.

      • A good reminder to not set your bag on the floor, too!

  • ANON

    Honest question here,
    Is there some truth to the belief that the Metro employee unionization contributes to this “lack of f***’s to give”?
    Understanding fully that the metro driver isn’t going to arrest someone for peeing in public, if there is no fear of losing your job, what incentive are you given to at least try to resolve this type of behavior?

    I have heard from many tourists about how clean and nice our metro system is in comparison to other places, but it does seem that our steady decline to subpar public transit is underway.

    • Anonymous

      Union rules do make it harder to fire employees that are considered incompetent or even dangerous. There were several cases the other year in which Metro employees were fired, but then reinstated after Metro and the union went to arbitration.

      Personally, I blame the union less – it’s doing what it’s supposed to do in that it is protecting its members, after all – than I blame the type of employee that Metro hires. You can be a good, caring employee without having been to college, but if you didn’t make much of an effort in high school because you didn’t care then that will be reflected in your job performance.

  • So how many incidents like this will it take for proximity to metro stops to no longer drive the up the price or real estate?

    • stacksp

      Doesn’t matter because people will continue to rely on metro no matter what

      • Caroline

        I didn’t start using Metro until I started working in VA, but I bought near a Metro station because of all the other amenities that were around it. Even if you walk or take buses instead, the walkability and availability of buses is generally much higher around a Metro station.

  • General Grant Circle

    Is there an ID number system for WMATA workers? Similar to how cops have badge numbers?

  • Thanks for sharing my tweet Popville and everyone for their great comments. I agree with some commenters that there isn’t much in terms of arresting or confronting the man, but at the very least I would have thought the station worker could have asked the man to get off the train and flagged that seat/car to be cleaned!

    When I got off the train at Chinatown, I passed the car I was initially sitting in when the incident occurred and the man was gone, and a couple of (presumably) tourists were sitting in the seat!! Just 20 minutes before, urine was everywhere. What if a child sat in the seat and put their hand in their mouth??

    • textdoc

      ” the very least I would have thought the station worker could have asked the man to get off the train and flagged that seat/car to be cleaned!

    • textdoc

      Oops; I posted prematurely above.

      “[A]t the very least I would have thought the station worker could have asked the man to get off the train and flagged that seat/car to be cleaned!” — I wouldn’t have expected him to ask the man to get off the train, but it SHOULD be a reasonable expectation that the guy would 1) take your report seriously and 2) call MTPD.

      • Anonymous

        I have been on trains that have shut down a car because of a “sick passenger”, so it seems reasonable that Metro could offload a particular car because a passenger peed in it. The station manager should absolutely have collected the car information from you and reported it to central.

        • Great point about the sick passenger issue! I definitely think vomit from a passenger, or pee from another person, both fall under the category of “bodily fluids that should be cleaned up to ensure customer safety.

    • blindbible

      Yes, agreed these types of things happen a lot. However, as you pointed out, it would be nice if they at least took pride in the cars and the people that rode in them by attempting to get it cleaned. This just proves they don’t care about one single aspect of the system from cleanliness to safety.

    • andy

      I kind of get the impression order of operations should be
      1. film first, if possible, to disprove wmata downplaying down the line. Leave situation if necessary.
      2. Call real police. File a report.
      3. Shame wmata on social media/websites like this.
      4. Remind yourself that you pay for this directly and via taxes.

      …when you wish it could be
      1. tell first WMATA or MTP person you find there is a problem.
      2. wmata person deals with it as directly as possible.
      3. wmata person escalates customer problem with officials best suited to respond.
      4. wmata tells you what it did and pats itself on the back.

      • Doc

        “call real police” — not sure what you mean by this. Metro transit police have jurisdiction here (much like Park Police have jurisdiction on the mall), so they are the real police in this instance.

        Having said that, my interactions with Metro transit cops have been very good (perhaps better than regular MPD).

        • So how do we get in touch with Metro police when our phones often don’t have service in the stations? *womp womp*

          • andy

            yeah this is mostly just venting but i really meant that even though they have uniforms and everything the station staff really seem unable to act as if they work for WMATA. MTP are definitely police – though the Petworth chase attack story seemed an unhappy scenario

  • textdoc

    I sure hope Metro employees take any reports of unattended bags a lot more seriously than they seem to take reports of public urination, public masturbation, theft/robbery, etc.

    • LittleBluePenguin


    • ParkViewneighbor

      because #terrorists

  • Welcome

    I have found that the seats behind the “window” near the back of the trains often smell like pee. I used to think nothing of this, or told myself it was the smell or rubber on the seats, or damp carpeting. Until I saw someone pee there. As it turns out, there is an unwritten rule that it’s ok to pee in “the stall,” e. g., the window seats. Don’t sit there.

    • Nathan

      jesus. never sitting back there again.

    • Shan

      This is extremely helpful information. Thank you for the PSA.

    • Car

      Those seats also seem to attract the masturbators. I guess people think it’s a little more private?


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