“I want to ‘Dump Trump’ wine in my kitchen sink.”

by Prince Of Petworth April 5, 2016 at 11:55 am 50 Comments

trump wine

“Dear PoPville,

I just launched a small crowdfunding project to buy a case of Trump Wine in dump it in my sink. I’ve asked for double the cost to make an equal donation to Voto Latino. Here’s the project:

As Donald Trump continues his campaign based on fear and hate and in honor of the national campaign to #DumpTrump, I would like to buy a case of of the 2014 Meritage at the Trump Winery and dump it down my kitchen sink. Here are the tasting notes:

“With a brilliant, intense ruby red color, this wine has a nose lightly toasted with dominant aromas of black cherry, current, cocoa, and fresh herbs. This fresh, medium body wine is fruit forward, soft and approachable. The palate offers some spicy notes with soft supple tannins.”

Sounds like it would pair well with my drain.

In order to offset the cost of spending money at a Trump establishment, I am seeking double the funding in order to make an equal donation to Voto Latino.

Voto Latino is a pioneering civic media organization that seeks to transform America by recognizing Latinos’ innate leadership. Through innovative digital campaigns, pop culture, and grassroots voices, we provide culturally relevant programs that engage, educate and empower Latinos to be agents of change. Together, we aim to build a stronger and more inclusive democracy.

Make America Grape Again, folks.

  • TKPK

    Have you thought this plan through?

  • Cleveland Dave

    Wait: so you are going to buy, and Trump will profit from, your purchase of a case of wine, which you will then dump down the drain? The only one that is making money here is Trump!tsdn th

  • Wobber

    why give money to Trump by purchasing his wine?
    This makes no sense to me.

    • U neighbor

      **Psst** this was a publicity stunt for Voto Latino, and it is working

      • Erick Sanchez

        ^ DING DING DING!

      • D

        Voto Latino recently re-branded and did a really nice job of it. (I’m not a mole; just someone bored at work who wanted to add some arcane information that’s probably only interesting to me and a couple of other people who aren’t even reading this because they’re actually working.)

      • Is it though? It has all of 2 donations, one of $2 and one probably from the organization to make it look like someone participated…

        • U neighbor

          Right. So it can fail as a kickstarter while succeeding as a publicity stunt. Case in point: you probably never heard of Voto Latino before today. I hadn’t.
          The hope is that it generates press (and ridicule still counts as publicity), and then people are smart enough to donate directly to the organization.

          • I had never heard of them, this did nothing to change my opinion about them, and by tomorrow I will have forgotten them.

          • And furthermore, it’s so stupid of an idea that I didn’t even bother to look up who the organization he’s donating to is.

          • TJ

            Or, smart enough to never support an organization that would concoct such a nonsensical fund-raising plan.

      • jdre

        Is it, though?

  • CW

    Um. Dumping it in your sink doesn’t really send a message to anyone. Maybe if you dumped it out somewhere public? With an event?

    Or why not just donate to Voto Latino in Trump’s name and get yourself a bottle of nice, non-Trump wine to drink?

  • CHV

    This might be the dumbest thing I’ve heard of.

  • anon

    I don’t get it. Why would anyone want to donate money to buy wine that ultimately benefits the Trump Organization?

  • DVD

    Sounds like a scam to get booze money. Once you have bought Trumps product you have essentially endorsed it and he will get his $$ cut. Now if you said you wanted to buy the wine and had a plan to throw it at him, i might support that.

  • wow

    Congrats, you have found an idea dumber than Trump

  • TropicBird

    Yes I want to GIVE MONEY to a guy in order to make a statement about how much I dislike him. Not! How about you give all the money to Voto Latino instead?

  • Josh

    Sounds like you thought this out about as much as Trumpy has thought out his wall…

  • Anon

    It takes a special type of person to stand up to poorly branded wine. I applaud you for thinking up this brave act of protest. Remember folks, complicity can kill. If you’re not pouring wine down the drain, you’re part of the problem.

  • LLR

    It amazes me how many people are asking why he isnt just donating the money.

    It’s because of the desperate search for internet fame. Shame on popville for falling for it.

    The only thing dumber than this is setting 30k on fire to hear Kenny loggins play an album he recorded after 1990.

    • BMJ


  • AdMoGuy

    My guilty pleasure is Popville reader complaints/ideas that fail to garner the sympathy and/or accolades the reader expected. GOAT is the pregnant lady who thought she was entitled to use the restroom of a restaurant she was not patronizing. This one looks like it’s off to a good start.

  • wdc

    Is there a way to see what other projects a certain crowdfunder has backed? Because this sounds like a stupid scam to me.

  • D

    Trump Winery is owned in its entirety by his son. Donald Trump has no interest in it. Otherwise, super duper great plan!

  • CapitalDame

    On a related note, my friends from CA wine country went to the Trump Winery in VA and were rudely told that “meritage” is pronounced “merry-tay” by a staff member there. They thought it was hysterical and obviously didn’t buy any wine.

    • Anonymous

      Okay, that’s probably not true. Trump Winery makes pretty good wine and has excellent staff, most of whom predate Trump’s ownership of the winery. It’s a top 5 Virginia winery for sure.

      • CapitalDame

        I don’t see any reason why they would lie. This was just after it opened.

        • Anon

          Someone hired by the Trump family who seems to have little actual knowledge directly pertinent to the job at hand? This story seems entirely plausible.

      • dcd

        “It’s a top 5 Virginia winery for sure.”
        That’s like saying someone is the best hockey player in Ecuador.

    • hupster

      A helpful guide to how Trump bought a well-regarded existing vineyard and slapped his name on it. https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2016/03/14/trump-wines-are-actually-pretty-good-but-i-cant-put-them-on-restaurant-menus/

  • OP Anon

    A better idea would be buying 2nd-hand Trump books – e.g. The Art of the Deal – and burning them in a bonfire.
    Don’t give this clown any additional income. Duh.

    • wdc

      Ooh, yeah, no… can’t get on board with book burning. Not going to employ the favorite stunt of the anti-intellectual movement.

      • lizcolleena

        expired trump steaks?

    • clsmith

      Said this in another comment, but it’s owned by his son, Eric. You’re not giving money to The Donald even if you are buying wine.

  • marigold

    The construction worker in Vancouver has this guy beat by ALOT.

    From CBC News Vancouver:

    “The Mexican flag hung from the roof of the soon-to-be complete Trump Tower in downtown Vancouver, put there by construction worker Diego Reyna, a Mexican-Canadian. “I put a Mexican flag on the roof of the Trump Tower in Vancouver, just to show that he is benefiting from us and that we are working hard on his projects and that we are not all criminals,” said Reyna.

  • John

    I hate Donald Trump’s collection of menswear at Macy’s. To protest his cheap “fashion,” I am starting a crowdsourcing effort to purchase cashmere sweaters. Buy me a cashmere sweater, and you will know that I am quietly protesting Trump each time I wear one, which will be often.

    • Anomalous

      The last time I went to Macy’s, they had already dumped Trump – into the clearance bins. I thought they got rid of that line last year.

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    Yeah, I think whether or not Trump wins the election is going to be determined primarily by whether or not he makes 15 cents of profit on the single bottle of wine in question for this publicity stunt. I mean, if he takes all these pennies of profit from a single wine bottle and invests in his ground game in Wisconsin it’s probably going to make him a lock for the nomination.

  • northeazy

    Did you know that Trump won the Latino vote in the Nevada primary? For those of you educated in the public school system, Nevada is a state in America. So Voto Latino isnt so much a pro-Latino organization, but a pro-Democrat outfit, who I might add, ran ads against Ted Cruz, a fellow Latino! It is one thing to protest actual instances of racism or discrimination, it is quite another to blatantly make political statements on PoPville, which I thought usually get moderated.

  • clsmith

    Donald doesn’t even own Trump Winery anymore. He long ago gave it to his son, Eric. They sell Trump hats/stuff but that can’t go toward his campaign because of campaign finance laws, so instead, the money is donated to the Eric Trump Foundation, which goes to help children at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

    Like other commenters, I think this was not thought out. And is based on a false premise.


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