• anonymous

    Rave: My dinner for the past two nights came from there.
    Rant: I ended up with the person’s who ordered before me orders.
    Rant: I didn’t realize it until I got home.
    Rave: I ate what they ordered and though only two tacos(I ordered 3) it was really really good.

  • anon85

    far east also has a brick and mortar spot on 15th and D NE

  • Near Northeast

    I walked past this place this morning and thought, “Man, how did I never notice this before?”

    At least now I know the answer: it wasn’t there.

  • anonymous

    My wife and I were really excited to try it out this weekend, but unfortunately we were both very underwhelmed. I got short rib and every bite was essentially rubber, to the point where I just picked around it. My wife got pork which was better, but still had some pretty chewy pieces. The sauces/styles and kimchi fries were interesting and pretty good, but not enough to make up for the bad meats. I’d like to give it another chance, but it’s hard to justify it if that’s what it’s normally like. Maybe it was just an off night?


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