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Far East Taco Grille Coming to former Chinito Burritos space on Florida Ave

by Prince Of Petworth February 25, 2016 at 10:35 am 25 Comments

635 Florida Ave, NE

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“The former Chinito’s space at Florida Avenue NE and 7th Street has just had new signage installed.”

Last night @vplus also tweeted:

“what the what! Did we know this was coming? When do u open @FarEastTG?”

Far East Taco Grille replied:

“Hello friends, we are hoping for a soft opening some time early March!! Please spread the love!!”

Far East Taco has a food truck and a brick and mortar space at 15th and D St, NE. Check out their menu here.

  • Trinidaddy

    Love this place! Really excited for this. Kim Chi fries FTW

    • Kingman Park


      Their kimchi fries are the best! Also try their eggrolls.

  • northeazy

    Nice! I was sad to see Chinitos go, but the quality had dropped and it was time to pull the plug on the patient. I went to Far East’s other location once (is that staying open), but it was like on 15th St NE or something, and the hood wasn’t too safe. It’s the kind of neighborhood where the bicycles don’t have locks on them (because either they were stolen and who can afford a lock if you are so broke you need to steal a bike; or because if you steal that person’s bike, they will find you and kill you-but I digress).

    Anyway, looking forward to trying them out in safer confines. Just when I think H st has reached peak taco, another competitor moves in (or expands) to the area. Yay for tacos.

    • Kingman Park

      What do you mean the hood isn’t too safe? Was that your first time in that neighborhood? Go back to NoMa.

    • kingman park

      Seriously? That’s not what the neighborhood is like.

    • Kingman Park

      What are you even talking about?

    • kingman park

      And wasn’t there a middle of the day mugging at gunpoint on Florida at 7th NE last week? But sure, much safer than their god-awful current location in the “hood”…At least we won’t have to see you around!

    • Lincoln Park

      Yeah man, the two blocks between Mia’s Coffee and Far East Taco are just terrifying to me too, what with the roving gangs of families, babies, and dogs that plague Hill East.

      Have you ever actually walked around the area?

    • Anon Spock

      Gotta love a stark, uninformed generalization. I’d envision a neighborhood where people don’t feel a need to lock their bikes is pretty safe, but that’s probably just me.

    • KingmanParkRes

      What gated community do you live in? Perhaps best you don’t leave it again. The world is a scary place.

  • LMatt_in_NE

    I’d rarely frequented Chinitos and found the quality to be sub par just before they closed. I’m interested to see how this will compete against California Tortilla just down the road.

    • kingman park

      Far East Taco is approximately one million times better than California Tortilla.

    • 7th NE

      I hadn’t heard that a California Tortilla was going in in this neighborhood. Where?

    • Ann

      Just down the road…in Chinatown? Or did I miss the memo that one is opening up somewhere near the NoMa metro?

  • kingman park

    I clicked on this terrified it would say they are moving from their current location. I LOVE Far East Taco and am so happy they’re doing well! They’re such a great addition to our neighborhood.

    • Kingman Park

      From one neighbor to another, I agree with you!

    • Lincoln Park

      I am definitely helping fund their expansion (and my waistline’s)!

    • Kingman Parkian

      yup yup yup.. The liquor store is awesome there too. Not much to look at, but I love that little strip.

  • E in Rosedale

    That’s some grade-A trolling northeazy! I live on the same block as the Rosedale location, and it’s perfectly safe. You can also dip into the excellent Grand Liquors next door for a sixer to go with your meal. NOMA should be thrilled. Far East will be a great addition!

    • Dadric

      I know that NoMa has tried hard to absorb surrounding neighborhoods, but this spot across from Gallaudet is definitely Atlas District, not NoMa.

      • Isn’t it technically Near Northeast?

        • Dadric

          Yeah, it’s that as well. They both describe similar areas, though I’ve often seen Near Northeast used describe a broader group of neighborhoods stretching all the way to North Capitol (including NoMa). Either way, this location is definitely not NoMa.

          I don’t mean to seem unreasonably hung up on this because it’s a bit pedantic, but living in the area I’m wary of NoMa-creep.

  • kbloomingdale

    One thing that Chinitos did well was paper slip ordering. Not sure if it was intentional or not with Gallaudet being across the street, but I hope Far East Taco does something similar. I imagine if they do, they’d get some business from the students there.

  • jeffb

    Like the others here, I love Far East and am happy about this. Tip: tacos aren’t the best thing on the menu at Far East. I strongly recommend getting a tofu kimchi bowl with green sauce, though I tell them to go lighter on the cheese and the cream sauce. This is a truly special dish. (note: I’m not into the real heavy stuff and think the pork bowl is just way too much).

  • Far East Taco was always my favorite of the Asian fusion taco trucks that popped up in DC several years ago, so I was really excited when they opened their 15th Street location. I haven’t found their food to be as good there, but it’s still good enough to warrant repeat visits. The service has been really poor lately though, I don’t think management is ever around much anymore. Hopefully if they keep both locations open they work on rebuilding the 15th St shop and don’t let it slip further into decline.


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