“Every Nationals Game the Ugly Mug on Capitol Hill offers a free ride to & from the stadium in the Mug Bug.”

by Prince Of Petworth April 5, 2016 at 11:00 am 18 Comments

Mug Bug2

Speaking of Navy Yard – from the Ugly Mug on Barracks Row (723 8th Street, SE):

“Every Nationals Game the Ugly Mug on Capitol Hill offers a free ride to & from the stadium in the Mug Bug. Stop by grab some grub and beers – get driven right to the stadium. With great food & drink specials – pint, pitcher & beer towers along with brick oven pizzas, pizza rolls and Italian subs. The perfect start or finish to every Nats game.”

Ed. Note: With all the new spots open and opening in Navy Yard, I wonder how many folks will continue to hit Barracks Row before games?

  • Philippe Lecheval

    There’s still a pretty limited number of bars in close proximity to the ballpark, so I don’t think it’ll put a dent in Barracks Row quite yet. The Circulator is also a convenient option for shuttling back and forth between Navy Yard and Barracks Row.

    • CapitalDame

      Agreed. If anything I think this might impact Cantina Marina, who already does something similar. That said, I think there’s plenty of business to go around.

      • hiphop anonymous

        Ugly Mug has been doing this for years. Probably will not impact the Cantina Marina.

  • jdre

    Is that street legal?

    • Anon

      It’s only lowered for show – a hydrolic system jacks the car back to its normal stance when driving around town.

      • jdre

        I was thinking more about the lack of safety systems (or doors) for a multipurpose passenger vehicle, likely to contain many tipsy folks.

        I think DC requires vehicles on the roads to meet FMVSS specs, but I’m not an expert (and dunno if this golf cart thing counts) – and not wholly interested so much as curious why the nice idea couldn’t have been implemented with a normal van.


        • Anon

          Is this the “tit-spit” feller from yesterday’s thread?

          • jdre

            No idea what you’re talking about, but that sounds like an interesting thread.

        • Shawz

          Looks to me like this may be a low-speed vehicle (see FMVSS 500), which are not subject to the crashworthiness standards of FMVSS 208. As such, it’s limited to 25 mph and is unable to drive on certain roads like highways and other major thoroughfares.

          • jdre

            Good eye.
            I’m still not sure I’d want to be on it in a fender-bender with another vehicle, or watch as someone tries to hop on/off in a tipsy moment. But to each their own. If it was my bar I’d want a big van with a logo on it, but it’s not my bar.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      The little electric cars I’ve seen shuttling people too and from Nats Park have had regular DC license plates on them, so I assume they’re legal. They’re basically glorified golf carts. None of them I’ve ridden in have had seatbelts or any advanced passenger safety devices.

      • jdre

        I know I’m timorous, but that makes me cringe a bit, when it’s mixed with regular traffic – that can go more than 25 – and that has way more mass and inertia and whatnot. I know I’m being a party pooper (and tbh I’m just killing time until an afternoon meeting – so I’m not as passionate about this as the thread makes it seem), but I’m glad an accident hasn’t happened.

        Anyway, Go Nats!

        • OP Anon

          Agreed. Seems like a lot of liability for the bar owner to take on with very little corresponding benefit. The people who will go to a bar simply because there’s a “free ride on a golf cart!” are probably the same people who want to get hammered hard at your bar.

          • David

            You’d be surprised by the amount of people who’d rather just not walk when it’s stupid hot outside

  • Hill Denizen

    Doesn’t Molly Malone’s do something similar?

    • Philippe Lecheval

      Yeah, multiple bars on Barracks Row have been doing this sort of thing for years.

      • David

        The mug is the only bar on the row that does it anymore

  • NortheastDC

    Seat belts are shown in the photo


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