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  • Kingman Park

    It looked open yesterday. Was that a soft opening?

  • ST21

    I was a little skeptical of a place like this opening in that location but I’ve heard the burger really is legit. They seem to be a pretty successful franchise. Like that they kept the layout pretty simple, hopefully it does well.

  • West End

    Woohoo! The one in Park Slope is great – looking forward to trying this one. The options are a lot more interesting than BGR/Shake Shack.

  • Mister Frackles

    Super excited for this place! I live around the corner and the decor and layout are a huge improvement compared to the Cosi. I hope the veggie options are good.

    • anon_1

      they are really good (at least in NYC) . . . surprisingly so for a burger place to put that much thought into offering multiple excellent veggie burgers.

  • DC1

    Love this place! It was one of my to-go places when living up in NYC.
    Funny thing is that for some reason the DCRA decided to hit them with an infamous “Vacant Property” notice the other day, oddly placed on one of the enclosed patio windows facing R street.

    • LoganRes

      the vacant property notice on the patio window has actually been there for a few months

  • BBBB

    I’ve been to one of their location in Hells Kitchen and it had table service. The second image makes it seems like this will be counter service or maybe that’s just for take out?

    • DC1

      Their Kips Bay location has a similar layout and it has both table and counter service.

    • NextDoor

      Nope. It will be table service with bar as well


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