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Armed Carjacking at 18th and Independence Ave, SE

by Prince Of Petworth April 21, 2016 at 10:00 am 24 Comments

via google maps

Another armed carjacking in Hill East. From MPD:

“At approximately 1:10 AM, there was an armed carjacking at 18th Street and Independence Avenue SE. Two victims were inside of an automobile when they were approached by two suspects on foot. One suspect produced a handgun and ordered the victims out of the car. The suspects then fled with the victim’s car Eastbound on Independence Avenue. The First District Detectives office is investigating this case. Anyone with information is asked to call 202-727-9099.”

  • textdoc

    Jeez — another one?!?
    This the third one in about 8 days, right?
    carjacking Wed. night 4/13 – https://www.popville.com/2016/04/armed-carjacking-at-18th-and-independence-ave-se/
    carjacking Tues. night 4/12 – https://www.popville.com/2016/04/armed-carjacking-near-lincoln-park-930pm-tuesday/

    • sbc

      there was an attempted carjacking on the 100 block of K St. SE on Monday 4/18 as well.

  • lawderly

    A lot all in the same area. Same people?

  • districtwanderer

    And only a block from the carjacking last week at 18 and A SE… hope they catch these guys!

  • Caphill

    WTF is happening on The Hill in the last couple weeks? It’s got to be the same perps, right? This is ridiculous.

    • Sadly another incident from this morning:

      “This morning at approximately 6:30 AM we experienced a Robbery Hold Up Gun at 18th and C Street SE. Our victim was standing at the bus stop when approached by a suspect with a medium complexion described as 5’6”-5’7”wearing all black clothing armed with a hand gun. Taken was the victims purse. The suspect fled on foot from 18th Street towards Independence Avenue, SE.”

      • Anonoline

        There was an armed robbery closer to my house, too, on 9th Street between C and Independence. Happened Tuesday night at 10:15.

      • Rex

        Dang man, I walk my dog by that bus stop every morning. When I saw the cop car idling there I knew something bad had happened earlier. 6:30 am seems like such an odd time for that to occur. Wish the City Council decided to address crime more stringently than simply subsidizing cameras.

  • Anon

    That’s four in the last week and a half or so. It’s got to be the same guys. MPD needs to get on this!! How hard can it be to follow the carjackers when you have an exact description of the car in each case?

  • Hill Res

    If the car had the new “NO TAX” license plate that Rep Allen is spending time pushing, instead of reducing crime on the Hill…. the two criminals would have given it a pass.

  • HillEast

    I feel like the warm weather upswing in crime in HIll East has begun. That being said, I see a lot more cops in the area, both on bike and in cars, than I did last year, so I’m hoping they get this under control fast. Last summer was a bit crazy…

  • anon hill east

    If you’re in your car, with the car running and doors locked, what’s the best thing to do in this situation? I know that if you’re on foot, it’s best to hand over your car keys and then run the opposite way. But if you can easily drive away, do you still get out if you see a gun? Or try to drive off and hope their gun isn’t loaded? Would love to hear back from someone who knows.

    ps – I mean this as a serious question, no snark or victim blaming. I just know that sometimes the safest thing to do isn’t necessarily what you would think of first, and I would like to be able to file the “correct” behavior in the back of my head in case I ever need it (not that I’m sure I would be able to actually do whatever in the moment…)

    • Jill

      Thanks for asking this, I’ve always wondered too. I would think they wouldn’t shoot and risk drawing attention to themselves when they could just try the next car, but it would be nice if MPD or some other expert could weigh in.

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing I’d get out and hand over the keys. My car is just a thing that I own, it’s not important in the grand scheme of things. And somehow I think me stomping on the accelerator in a panic, wondering if I’m going to be hit by a bullet while I careen down the road, could go very badly even if I *don’t* get shot. But that’s me thinking about it, who knows how I’d react in the moment.

      • Jill

        I’d feel a lot more vulnerable outside of the car (and who’s to say the guy just wants to steal your car and not rape or kidnap you?). It’s not the same dynamic as being held up on the street for a purse.

        • Anonymous

          If they’re really going to shoot me I don’t think I’m worse off outside of the car. If they’re not going to shoot me then I think I’m worse off gunning it down the street in a panic. I don’t think rape and kidnap would cross my mind if I had a gun pointed at me.

      • navyard

        Do not get out of your car in this situation. Unless your window is down and the gun is next to your head. If the fool is just waving a gun around, foot to accelerator, and try to take down one of their crew while you speed away.

    • textdoc

      Seems pretty clear what the “correct” behavior should be — in all three of these cases, the victims yielded their cars (or car keys) and none of them were harmed.

      • Anon

        Yeah, but in all three cases the thief was able to make a quick getaway and come back to do it again. Maybe if the first victim had zoomed away and called 911 we wouldn’t have this epidemic today. Or maybe they would have been shot dead. Anon hill east is just asking what is more likely.

    • Not an Expert

      As the name suggests, I am not an expert on surviving a situation like this. But here are some things I know:

      When reacting to an active shooter in a building with you, the order of preference goes like this: 1) run away, or 2) hide if you can’t run away, or 3) as a last resort, fight if you can’t run away. The logic goes like this: if you’re not where the shooter is, he can’t shoot you. So run away to where the shooter isn’t. (It’s also harder to hit a moving target than a stationary target.) This is a synonym for an ambush-survival technique you learn when you deploy to combat zones: get off the X. An ambush occurs in a fixed spot, X marks the spot, and it’s not easy to shift ambush forces to another location, so leave the X however you can as fast as you can. Don’t freeze up and overthink, just act.

      So, if you can, the best option is probably to drive away quickly. This is one of the many excellent reasons to leave enough space between you and the car in front of you to maneuver out of a stopped position.

      • Anon

        One key difference though: the shooter’s motive is to hurt and kill random people. Someone approaching your car with a gun probably just wants your car.

        • Not an Expert

          It’s cool that you have psychic powers and can know with such certainty the motivations and intentions of others, but I don’t have those powers. I assume that anyone who would point a gun at me intends to use it on me. Anyone is free to give the benefit of the doubt to someone pointing a gun at them, but I wouldn’t.

      • Anonymous

        I’d say this is a solid plan. If my window is rolled up, doors locked, and you have plenty of room to drive forward without hitting anyone or anything, I’d just gun the gas pedal. No way in hell I’m getting out of the car and putting myself at the mercy of this jerk.

  • K

    Charles Allen tweeted this morning that the 1st District commander has a plan and will allocating additional resources to the area. What that means exactly I don’t know but at least they are communicating and working on a plan.


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