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Update: It was a typo. 14 hour parking restrictions or a typo?

by Prince Of Petworth April 12, 2016 at 2:15 pm 24 Comments


Update: It was a typo but DDOT fixed it!

“Dear PoPville,

Street sweeping signs were recently put up on our street. While reading the sign I noticed that it indicates parking restrictions on Wednesdays from 9:30pm-11:30am. The other side of the street is now restricted on Thursdays, also from 9:30pm-11:30am. I’m assuming these mean no parking from 9:30pm on the stated day to 11:30am of the following day. Are 14 hour parking restrictions for residential street sweeping new? I usually only see them in 2 hour blocks so I’m hoping someone just made the signs incorrectly. I emailed DPW about this but have not yet heard back.”

Odd that it’s on both sides of the street but is it just a typo and should read 9:30am-11:30am?

  • textdoc

    I’d bet it’s a typo. Try contacting your ANC Single Member District rep and see if he/she can elevate it with the ward liaisons (MOCRs) and DPW.

  • Guillermo Brown

    It’s gotta be 9:30 AM to 11:30 am. That’s the time frame for a lot of street cleaning hours throughout the city

  • ANC

    I wouldn’t put it past parking enforcement to issue tickets for this, even though it looks like it’s an error.

    • BostonToShaw


    • textdoc


    • petworther

      Generally speaking parking enforcement officers are actually well trained and enforce regulations as written. The bigger problem is when the opposite happens: signs indicate parking is legal when in fact it is not.

      • Cassie

        I thought that legally, signs usurped the code. I could be wrong.

      • JayDC

        That’s not true at all. Most parking people don’t understand the rules and regulations. Their policy is ticket first, ask questions later. Go to 17th and Corcoran and you’ll see some confusing signs. I had 3 ticketing people out there one day, including a supervisor, and they agreed none of the signs made sense but their policy was “ticket first” and then you can protest it. Yeah. That didn’t work. Don’t get me started on the ones that ticket you because you don’t line up with the parking meter ( if you pay by phone it shouldn’t matter) because the first car on the block is not lined up with the meter forcing everyone to stagger past the correct meter.

  • DC1

    Definitely a typo, but I won’t stop parking enforcement from issuing tickets until it’s fixed.

    • DC1

      …A typo within a typo discussion, ha!

  • Timebomb

    Anything’s possible (and could be enforced), but this has to be a typo. 9:30am-11:30am is normal. In additional to be way longer than normal (and easily explained as a typo), stating times that occur on two different days and only mentioning one day is extremely ambiguous; I bet, if not rectified, enforcement will error on the side of enforcing this starting from 9:30pm Tuesday until 11:30am Thursday.

    • textdoc

      For what it’s worth… as far as I’m aware, only commercial streets (like Georgia Avenue) have late-night or middle-of-the-night street cleaning.

  • bunk street cleaning hours

    I live on Corcoran St. in Dupont, and our restriction is for 12 hours – 7AM to 7PM, while all of the other streets in the neighborhood are only 2 hours. I wouldn’t bank on it being a typo, even though it may be.

    • DC1

      Corcoran has alternate side parking during those 12 hours, though.

      • I think that’s a disingenuous compromise, because the alternate side parking ends at the exact same time the street sweeping ends, so you have to be there at 7pm sharp to move to the other side. And that’s every week for 8 months.

      • bunk street cleaning hours

        For what it’s worth-all of the streets in Dupont have alternate side parking during street cleaning hours!

  • Zone 6

    I live in zone 6, could OP give a general idea of where this is happening?

    • marybindc

      +1. There are Ward 6 ANC meetings this week; I’m going to 6A tonight and 6B Thursday. If it’s in either of those ANC’s I’d be happy to talk to the SMD commissioner.

  • DCDC

    I’ve seen the street sweeper go down 22nd street below Q st at midnight before, so I think it is possible.

  • OP

    Thank you for the helpful responses-I’ll try contacting my ANC rep to get more information and hopefully get this resolved.

    The new signs are on G Street SW between 6th and 7th.

    • DPW says if you call “Parking Enforcement can be reached at 202.541.6083 & Street Sweeping is 202.727.7908.” one of them should be able to answer your question

  • Anonymous

    Get an exacto knife and scrap away the letters “PM” on those signs.
    See? You fixed the problem.

  • Adam

    Typo… multiple brain dead DDOT employees couldn’t be bothered to fix it.


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