Reader Reports: “Zenebech Injera closing in 6 months for the new 7 story building”

by Prince Of Petworth March 15, 2016 at 4:00 pm 11 Comments

608 T Street, NW

Some sad news out of the All Souls comment thread:

“Great news for David and All Souls! On the other side of T, sad news with Zenebech Injera closing in 6 months for the new 7 story building coming in.”

We knew it was coming but this is the first I’m hearing on a closing date. Zenebech’s website says:

“Zenebech Restaurant is a family business that was started in 1993 as an injera bakery. Zenebech Dessu and Gebrehanna Demissie started the business as a means of survival after being laid off from work. The bakery was located on 11th & V NW and served both restaurants and markets all over the DC metropolitan area.

In 1999 Zenebech Restaurant relocated to it current location and expanded to include both the injera bakery and carryout orders . Over the years, we have added more dishes to our menu while using authentic Ethiopian spices and freshly baked injera.

As a small family business we take a lot of pride in our food and strive to make the tastiest Ethiopian dishes for you.

Come and eat with Zenebech!”

  • Lex

    I love Zenebech, and I’ll miss it terribly. I won’t miss the other businesses, though, and I hope the new building brings some life to the little park/memorial that currently serves as a trash-strewn gathering place for the down and out.

    On an unrelated note, I don’t understand why they paved the area with the light-colored brick. It looks dirty and disconnected from the surrounding streets. Red brick would’ve looked so much better, including by providing a contrast with the cream color of the Howard.

  • petworther

    Move to Petworth!

  • siz

    ok but what is ledroiter (from the all souls thread)’s source on this? i’m not really buying this until i hear it from a zenebech rep.

    • LedroitTigah

      The website is cited. Besides, I think they had the zoning decision meeting this morning (there were signs up on all the affected buildings on that block)

      • siz

        the website doesn’t say anything about this.

    • married to ledroiter

      i’m married to ledroiter. i spoke with them last night.

  • jd

    white people from Ohio gotta live somewhere right?

  • Anon

    My current vote for best Ethiopian in DC! I can’t corroborate the timeline, but that row of buildings is indeed set to be re-developed in the very near future. 7 months seems like a reasonable guess. I really hope that they’re able to stay in the area, although something tells me that won’t be the case.

  • Truxton K

    If anyone from Zenebech is reading this, PLEASE call the landlord of the commercial property at NJ and Q NW. Big space, nice commercial kitchen, and a landlord that cannot seem to find a tenant that can make it work longterm. Parking in front and on the side. We’d love to have you down in our neck of the woods!

    • Truxton Thomas

      Ooooh, I love this idea!

  • I hope they do come back.

    Those who remember Coppi’s and Utopia at 14th & U might recall that it was announced they would be back after the massive Louis apartment complex was completed. Several years later Coppi’s reopened in Cleveland Park and Utopia (one of my all-time U Street faves) never made it back at all.


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