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“We are stumped, a little creeped out, and mainly find it SO bizarre!”

by Prince Of Petworth March 30, 2016 at 1:55 pm 38 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

My roommates and I are writing in because we have been having an issue with someone leaving trash on the bench outside our house. Not every morning, probably once every 2 weeks. I’ve seen it at the building next door once too, but they clearly have an affinity for our bench! You see, this is not just any trash, but ALWAYS an extra large bottle of yellowtail red wine, a 2 liter bottle of soda water, and a large carton of Horizon milk. All are empty, and they must have been left sometime in the middle of the night. I’ve attached a picture of the latest trash found this morning. We live near the 17th Street area (in between DuPont and Logan) and were wondering if any other neighbors were experiencing the same thing. We are stumped, a little creeped out, and mainly find it SO bizarre!”

  • hupster

    Sheltered much?

    • Rich


      • samanda_bynes

        oh don’t be a dick – it IS kinda weird to have the same four thing repeatedly dropped off. I’m not saying you should freak out, but you wouldn’t be a little weirded out by the super specific items?

        • madmonk28

          +1, the fact that it’s the same items and pretty weird items at that, is a little weird and the OP said a little creeped out, not completely freaked out.

          • nw_dc_1988

            it IS weird

        • textdoc


      • SaraEP

        ha, right? i really did laugh out loud.

    • Bdylan89

      How Bizarre,How Bizarre https://g.co/kgs/IflRI

  • rob

    I’d like to hear other quality of life issues you have?

    • anon


  • victoria

    Conceptual art? Or not. In the vast litany of possible worries, this is .0001. (Except knowing you live near someone with bad taste in wine?)

  • Count Pheasant

    Maybe it’s some sort of religious offering–the liquid, not the trash–though that would make more sense if you were near a park or cemetery. This probably sounds like a totally off-the-wall comment but I used to work near a cemetery and would regularly find what I eventually concluded were Haitian Voodoo offerings of alcohol, food, money. I can’t think why someone would otherwise dispose of identical, big beverage containers on a regular schedule if it isn’t some sort of ritual.

    Unless someone is punking you.

  • anon

    LOL at the mix of expensive milk and cheap wine…but yeah, creeped out? Really??

    • Well if it was just once – but it’s every few weeks – that is weird as hell.

      • T


      • textdoc


  • womp

    that is super bizarre! i really dislike unanswered questions, so your situation would be driving me nuts (especially since the “ingredients” never change).
    it seems more strange than threatening, which you probably realize. either way, best of luck in figuring it out!

    • Kate

      +1- this is the type of thing that would keep me up at night- NOT worried, but completely BAFFLED. Are they mixing the wine and the milk??

  • NT

    Urban Blair Witch

  • petworther

    Sounds like someone’s enjoying the classic french cocktail vin au vache on your bench. NBD. Just enjoying a warm spring evening.

  • General Grant Circle

    Its a new cocktail, Milk + Wine + Soda Water a “17th Street Slammer”.

    • jayjay

      As a former 17th St resident, this comment made my day. Thank you, Gen. Grant Circle.

    • samanda_bynes

      ah yes, the drink used to both cause and cure diarrhea in 18th century patients.

    • textdoc


  • one thought

    Sounds like someone is hiding their drinking from someone i.e. a teenager or maybe a spouse with a drinking problem.
    They may go to “take out recycling” (nice milk) and scoop the wine bottles from wherever they’ve stashed them.

    Just a theory. Hope you recycle! :)

    • Truxton Thomas

      That was my thought—an alcoholic hiding the empties. My guess is there are multiple hiding spots that are visited like clockwork. It’s such a burdensome way to live.

      • Count Pheasant

        Wah, I prefer the thought that it’s voodoo. :-(

      • Truxton Thomas

        Let me just add one longshot if the person who leaves these bottles comes across this blog post and is experiencing what I think he or she is experiencing: help is available. Many people go through this, and a great number have been able to escape that way of living and will not pass judgment on anyone who suffers similarly. The answer is to ask for help, and there are meetings at all hours of the day across this city of people who can help.

  • Maybe it was Bill Murray.

  • bruno

    Stumped? How long have you been an urban-dweller?

    • madmonk28

      What’s your guess Mr. urbanite? I’ve been living in DC more than 20 years and I don’t know what those three items on a bench mean.

    • Kate

      Are you saying you know exactly what’s going on? DO TELL.

      • bruno

        A serious alcoholic who repeats patterns? I see that near my office. A drunk buys a hot dog and a coke and leaves the coke undrunk and the foil wrapper on the sidewalk, same place, each day. Day after day. That’s my a guess. Another caveat against alcohol consumption :^0 Just sayin’.

  • annonny

    Santeria right in your front yard!!!

  • ET

    People are WEIRD.

    I have a bush on the back of my side yard that has a nice roomy space underneath since the bush is dense it really is a bit cave-ish. I once found a bag with bags of flower, nuts, and other stuff underneath it. I initially though someone couldn’t carry their groceries all the way home but then I pulled out a second container with more of the same. It was waterproof and reminded me of a cosmetics bag or something similar. It seems someone was using it as a semi permanent storage space. Was someone literally being a squirrel and squirreling it away?

  • F. Duke

    Actually, many years ago, when I lived in Dupont Circle near 17th Street, someone was doing the same thing–inside. Every morning outside of someone’s unit, there would be empty milk cartons or the like. Just saying….

  • mitzi

    Just curious- does the milk carton by any chance contain urine? that would make sense that it goes with the wine, and maybe they are just pulling the used milk carton out of someone’s recyclables once a week.


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