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“115 ziplock bags of heroin, 1 baggie of heroin weighing 6 grams, 85 zip lock bags of crack cocaine” and more seized in NE

by Prince Of Petworth March 8, 2016 at 11:00 am 21 Comments

via MPD

From MPD Monday night:

“This evening a citizen reported a drug complaint in the Fifth District, Northeast quadrant of the district. The Fifth District Crime Suppression Team responded and recovered 115 ziplock bags of heroin, 1 baggie of heroin weighing 6 grams, 85 zip lock bags of crack cocaine, 48 half ounce ziplock bag of marijuana & 19 Morphine pills. No arrest made at this time. MPD welcomes and encourages citizens to continue to use the text tip line to report illegal activity in the community. Attached is a photograph of the seized drugs.

Give 5-0 the 411 with the MPD’s Text Tip Line: 50411. Text, photo and video messages are monitored by members of the department 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Tips on serious or violent crimes will be investigated by members of the department. If you would like a police response for any incident, please call 911. All tips may also be directed to (202) 727-9099 and may be eligible for a reward.”

  • Beau

    that is a lot of individually-wrapped brussels sprouts

    • Anon

      Well, that explains all the salt packets.

  • Joe

    Dope on the table.

  • transplanted

    “No arrest made at this time.”
    Was all of this just sitting on the sidewalk when the cops arrived? How could there be no arrest?

    • stacksp

      Maybe no one was home when they raided the place

    • Ben

      +1 Wondering the same thing

    • KK

      No arrest probably because they’re trying to go up the chain and track the supply without ratting the little guys out and booking them. This is a guess based on my extensive viewing of crime shows and other fiction.

      • Kingman Park

        Needs more enhance.

      • transplanted

        +1 carpet fiber

    • anon kingman park

      They could have been in a vacant building house. The vacant apartments on my block were raided a year or two ago – police found tons of drugs and guns but no arrests.

      • anon kingman park

        *building or house

  • Kingman Park

    We rip and we run.

  • kevinkoski

    Nice work MPD.

  • anon

    Literally DRUGS ON THE TABLE is MPD copping press releases from old episodes of The Wire?

  • ke

    “Give 5-0 the 411 with the MPD’s Text Tip Line: 50411.” Clever!

  • ParkViewneighbor

    Holy **** ! That’s a LOT of dope

  • E in Rosedale

    Damn, that’s about 2 blocks from me. It’s also on the same block as the liquor store that was highlighted as being an issue in this post from a few weeks back:


    I’m not sure what caught their attention in an anonymous text to 411, but I actually got in touch and talked to a Lieutenant about a dealer on my block. She said she would refer the info to vice, and that was the last I heard of it. The guy’s still dealing to this day. I guess I’ll try giving 5-0 the 411 by texting it in this time.

    • stacksp

      E St or E St Bangers as they call themselves, 18th and D, and Rosedale are known drug strips hence the bird in the sky at those locations.

    • anon kingman park

      How do you know where it was? Was it 426 18th again?

    • KingmanParkRes

      Did PoPville list the address of where these were seized? Not that I doubt 18th & D has plenty of business.

      • E in Rosedale

        MPD isn’t sharing the exact address. I’ve copied their response to several inquiries on the 5D listserv below. I read on DCist that it was the 1800 block of D st NE. Not sure how they found out, but I doubt they picked it at random.

        Per MPD:

        There have been several inquiries regarding this seizure. The location of the seizure was not on the list serve as we did not want to disclose any information that might possibly lead to the anonymous tipster or jeopardize the on-going investigation. We hoped by putting the seizure on the list serve it will encourage others to utilize our text tip line in which tipsters remain anonymous. Finally, the investigation is still on-going but at this time we do not have probable cause to make an arrest in this case. A big thanks again to the tipster!


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