Washington, DC


Again, no preaching please (my sisyphean request…) just keep an eye out. Thanks!

From the Forum:

“Computer and hard drive stolen from P and Marion St. NW around 1:20pm today 3/10/16.

Small black, rectangular hard drive with rounded edges and cord attached. Housed in a logic brand case that is darker red.

I’m a student, with very limited money. I am most interested in the files about my many years of study that are on the hard drive and computer and would love to recover them. The physical computer is not what is most important to me. I am interested in working out an anonymous way for the external hard drive to be returned with the files on it – no questions asked. I just want my many years of work back.

Or if you have any info on the whereabouts of either items, it would be much appreciated. Attached is an image of the hard drive case.”


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