• Anon

    DC hasn’t been serious about crime in Petworth/Col Hts for a long time now. It’s almost as bad that crime is as obvious on streets now as in the Barry Era (Yes, I was here back then)…

    They have been pretty reactionary. Just after the stabbing near where Mothership was about a week ago, I saw foot patrols once at night and then never again after that. Reports were that the Rock Creek Church crack house was busted, but it looks like it’s right back in business again today…

    Streets are littered everywhere with trash because trash pickup is totally disgracefully sloppy. Potholes are massive and there are road bumps, construction hazards, ruts that are ages old on Georgia Avenue so much they can’t be avoided. Calling 311 does nothing. Building permits are given out to anyone with a tape measure and hammer leading to cheap-rent apartments and shoddy condos everywhere. What the heck happened to the rat abatement program?! I’ve never seen rats this big in over 20 years on my street. Things are falling apart slowly and it all goes back to Lanier and Bowser.

    This city is too busy not repairing potholes, not picking up trash, and collecting fees from residents for very few civic returns… Make me miss Tony Williams a lot.

    • ch

      agreed. i have lived in CH for 12 years and i can feel the back slide too. i will be looking to move away from CH this spring. i really have enjoyed the new bars and restaurants but it’s not enough to keep me here any longer.

  • Georgia Ave

    2905 Georgia is a known after-hours party house, brothel, drug den, and restaurant. People come and go all night, every weekend. I just assumed that the police didn’t care, but then I learned that the house is owned by an MPD Commander. It has been a scene of DEA drug raids and other shenanigans that have gone undeterred for a decade. It is zoned for Section 8 housing, and the saddest part of this story is that little kids live in that house. Maybe the police are getting serious now, but I doubt it.

    • Curious George

      The drug/prostitution house is owned by an MPD commander? Who? How do you know? I feel like this would be a great lead for the Washington Post or any News program. They would love this. You should provide your research to an organization.

      • Park View Person

        Residents on this block of Georgia and Hobart have extensively researched this. It’s all real and documented in emails.

        • smh

          The OTR tax database has the owner of that address as Melvin E. Gresham. The property doesn’t have the homestead deduction (so is likely not owner occupied).

          The MPD commander for the second district is Melvin Gresham. Jason Cherkis did a 4-part series on him for the Washington City Paper a few years ago. If you google him, you can also see he’s been involved in several lawsuits.

  • Park View Person

    This house is a nuisance to everyone on the block. From about 4AM to 7AM on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays there are people stumbling out of there into the street wasted. Every day you can watch those who live there entering with boxes on boxes of liquor bottles. There are dozens of people entering and exiting each night and making noise and a mess in the street. I live on this block and we’ve tried to get the police involved and it has been fruitless. The owner of the building is a retired cop who is clearly in on this situation somehow. The house has been leased to the city as section 8 housing. There are children who live there and I can only imagine the things these kids have seen. This is at the very least, an undercover club in a section 8 house, and at the worst, a drug/prostitution brothel.

  • navyard
  • Park View Person

    “A police captain is expected to file a second lawsuit against the District this week claiming that a gambling and drug raid on his Northwest rental property was another attempt to intimidate and retaliate against him for reporting corruption within the department, his attorney said.

    D.C. police stormed the home at 2905 Georgia St. last week in what authorities have called a sting operation. Twenty-four people were at the residence, and police said they recovered marijuana and cash. No arrests were made.”



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