Washington, DC

giant line

“Dear PoPville,

I shared the following message with Giant Food earlier today. It seems no matter how much sunlight we put on the conditions of their Columbia Heights store, old problems return. It would be great if you could share the post below:

Good morning,

I’ve been a resident of the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC for the past 10 years. For most of those years, I’ve lived within a block of the Giant on Park Road. Due to its convenience, it’s my primary source for groceries. While professionalism and customer service have improved dramatically in recent years, wait times are once again becoming a problem.

This was a significant problem back in 2011 that resulted in a promise to keep all lanes open during peak shopping hours. This promise has been rescinded without notice and long lines have once again returned. While the 10 newly installed self checkout kiosks are helpful, the staffed checkout lanes are regularly half staffed during peak hours, which results in long lines for those lanes and the self checkout kiosks. The population in the neighborhood continues to rise steadily, and Giant is still the only brick and mortar supermarket in the area. As such, the store should continue to invest in keeping lines short.

I’ve attached pictures of my experience earlier this week during peak hours. You’ll notice very long lines for self checkout and only half of the regular checkout lanes staffed. What you won’t see are the lines for those regular checkout lanes, which stretched halfway down the aisles. This has become a regular occurrence over the past several months, and I’m reaching the point of buying my groceries online from a different company.


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