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Dear PoPville – Props to the Columbia Heights Giant

by Prince Of Petworth September 30, 2011 at 10:30 am 45 Comments

“Dear PoPville,

Credit where credit is due. As the author of the recent plea for better service at the CH Giant, I can say that this is exactly the sort of thing I’d hoped to see. Thanks to the manager and staff of the Giant for taking the community’s concerns seriously and responding. It’s good to see that they value their customers’ time and loyalty.”

Have you guys noticed smoother/faster lines now?

Ed. Note: Giant Consumer Affairs previously responded to neighborhood concerns here.

  • Austin DC

    WHAT. That blows my mind. Thanks Big Friendly Giant!

    • Meg

      Dahl reference. Love it.

  • I went there last night, and the lines were quite short, just one person in front of me. Good job, Giant!

  • annon

    Last Sunday am they had someone directing people to the shortest checkout lines. Moving in the right direction

    • Austin DC

      How Harris Teeter-ish of them. I may actually start enjoying Giant soon! I’m excited to go check this out!

  • ehg

    wish they would do that at wholefoods

    • Jonesy


  • Casey

    I got food poisoning from one of those chickens once

  • Anonymous

    That is fantastic. I’m rarely at Giant (prefer Whole Foods) but I do support this great effort to improve customer service.

  • I have noticed no differences because I have given up on going to Giants anywhere in the area. All of them, inside and outside DC, are such nightmares with their long lines I avoid them.

    Even if I pay myself just $10/hour any money I would save by going to Giant would be offset. And my time is worth a lot more to me than $10/hour.

    • Justin

      I don’t understand. You noticed no difference because you didn’t actually go there to see if there is a difference in the lines?

    • james

      “Nobody goes there anymore…. it’s too crowded.”

      -Yogi Berra

    • 13NW

      This makes no sense. They are obviously trying to do some sort of customer service and without even trying to go there you are already disparaging them.

      I am still scratching my head over this….

    • Now there is someone who doesn’t believe in change and you are soooo expensive.

  • link

    yes! went wednesday night at 8:15ish and walked right up to an empty lane and a friendly cashier. what a relief.

  • headsup

    Kudos to Giant for a graceful response to their customers’ concerns.

  • anon55

    I really commend them for taking customer feedback seriously. I went in on Wednesday and zipped right through an open lane. That had never happened there before!

  • Solid.

  • Soozles

    It’s been a huge improvement, and I’m glad this was brought up. I meant to mention it as a rave. Yes, the lines are much better as is the service. A pretty big turn-around. I now go to Giant and don’t get mad at myself for doing so. The other day I wanted to tell one of the managers of the noticeable improvement, but he was working on something with one of the cashiers.

  • anony

    I hope this is true. If so, then the scathing reviews/comments etc they’ve gotten the past 6 months has finally worked. I had actually given up shopping there the past 3-4 months even though it is by far the most convenient place because it was infuriating to go in there at 6:30 PM and stand in line for 45 minutes because 1/3rd of the lines were close.

    I will try them again when I go grocery shopping next week. We will see.

  • Thanks!

    Good show Giant Management and staff.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I’m going to head there during this peak period and try it out myself!

  • KT

    Wow!! I will definitely make a trip there again (been 4-5 months) and check it out!

    • Kyle W

      This is definitely great news. Making a neighborhood spot more accessible/worthwhile to go too, and creating jobs/extending hours at the same time.

      Kudos to Giant.

  • LA

    Whereas, Safeway at Cityvista is super packed, reorganizing the whole store, and now have a person checking your receipt when you leave, aka Sam’s Club. There are 2 people whose only job is to make a mark on the receipt but yet they don’t even check what you have. Pointless.

    • Anonymous

      SIGN ME UP!

  • Bear

    I agree with the above comments–it is much better. Went in Tuesday at about 6:30, all lanes were open, and lines were short. Big improvement–I hope it sticks!

  • giacomo

    Awesome. I stopped going to that Giant and spread my shopping through Whole Foods, Target and PanAm. I’ll definitely be back now if I know I don’t have to dedicate an hour to picking up milk and cereal.

  • BW

    Bravo Giant! Long over due, but still quite pleased. Of course it would be right after I leave. (Good problem for them to have no?)

    Plus It’s really the people who check you out slow.(sorry it’s just the truth)

  • Rock Creek Churcher

    Yep Rave indeed. Last few times I went I exchanged pleasantries with the cashiers. They were polite, friendly, and efficient. Good work Giant.

  • SF

    Too little too late. I stopped going here years ago for this very reason, and they only now fix it?

    I’ll continue to patronize a grocery store that didn’t take hours out of my week for years without doing anything about it, even through they knew for years that this was a serious issue.

    • Kate

      Did you do anything about it during those years?

    • Justin

      At some point you can no longer blame them for “taking hours out of your week” when you kept choosing to go there for years.

      • Marcus Aurelius

        Seriously. I voted with my business a couple of years ago when I stopped going to the CH Giant because of the lines and the crappy service. But having heard that thigs are better now, I might give them another look. I give the management credit for responding to the criticisms, however long it may have taken for it to happen.

  • ab

    I Definitely notice a difference! I went on sunday night at 5pm, dreading the usual nightmare and a several hour experience. I also didn’t know they had implemented this new policy at this point, thinking it was a fluke that it was so easy a trip, and i even commented to my friends what a crazy thing that on a sunday night i could get out of there in less than an hour. Then, after reading the new policy stuff on DC blogs, I realized that it was actually because all the lines were open! It was sooooo much nicer and quicker! Yay Giant!

  • DCster

    Glad to see the pressure on them to change paid off. And way to be responsive, Giant management!

  • Fonzy

    Thanks to those who took action and wrote/emailed/called Giant HQ about the cronic problems at Tivoli. Your combined efforts have made life better for everyone.

  • djdc

    Sounds like a great improvement. I wonder if they were also nervous about the 8th & O Giant closing and those customers being shuttled up here. And if the Petworth Safeway closes for renovations, then there’s another group of customers who might be hitting this Giant for a while.

  • Meg

    Good step in the right direction. Now if only they kept the shelves stocked and sold decent produce. :)

  • Bitter Elitist

    Ya’know, the self checkout wasn’t 1/2 way down the aisle a couple of nights ago. Sweet.

  • I’m another who has seen an improvement. When they first opened, they had managers watching everything, making it run more smoothly and keeping the chaos of running such a high volume store down. Then as they established themselves, they stopped and things slid. I’ve seen a marked increased in managers out on the floor, which I think helps.

    • d

      That store wasn’t considered “high volume” when it first opened.

  • NKC

    How about a free pack of veggie burgers?

    • rabble

      how about you eat something natural, instead?

      • Anonymous



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