Washington, DC


From a press release:

DC’s Funk Parade and Grammy-nominated local artist Kokayi put out a call for donations Tuesday to Washington residents: send us your sounds of the city.

The sounds are for a collaborative city-wide composition project, “Sounds of the City,” to create a song for DC, which Kokayi will compose with the donated sounds.

Washingtonians are asked to record sounds for the project and send them using their smartphones. Instructions are at http://soundsofthe.city.

“What sounds make you think of DC? Your Metro driver’s announcements, your orchestra warming up, the brass band outside your office, a motorcade passing by? What is the song this city makes?” Asked Justin Rood, Funk Parade co-founder. “That’s what we need you to capture and send us.”

Funk Parade and Kokayi are working together to create the community-driven DC anthem. Funk Parade is gathering the sounds from residents all over DC, and Kokayi will loop and remix the sounds to create a new song for the city.

The call for submissions starts Tuesday, March 22 and runs for two weeks. The project is funded by the DC Office of Planning, as a sonic experiment in creative placemaking.”


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