Washington, DC

petworthe metro

“Dear PoPville,

I was walking home from the grocery store and crossing Randolph when a blue Altima made a full at full speed almost hitting into me. I put my hand on the car out of instinct when you are about to be hit. They were so pissed I touched there car. They went into the Wendy’s turned around and chased me down with their car. There were 5 people in the car. I ran towards the metro because I saw police there earlier. No police were outside so I ran into the station.

2 of the girls jumped out of the car and ran down into the metro station after me. I was banging on the booth asking for help. The metro attendant took his time and called the police. He did not offer me refuge in the booth. Instead only let me on the other side of the turnstiles where the girls then took a full box of bus schedules that was left on the floor and slammed it against my head. The other metro lady found this funny and laughed. The metro janitor also laughed saying should I clean this up or is this evidence. The metro police came 15 to 20 mins after being called followed by the dc police.

I had a partial license plate, car type and color. Both the girls were caught on camera. They said “I Guess we can request footage” No one asked me one if I was okay. Metros safety push is a joke. I have never felt more unsafe. I want to get word out of what happened so no one else makes the mistake of thinking of going to metro as a safe haven like I did. Assault to them seems to be funny.”


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