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Columbia Heights East Side Metro Entrance Closing for 9 Months on April 18th

by Prince Of Petworth March 24, 2016 at 3:45 pm 21 Comments

ch metro closing


“On April 18, Metro will begin installing two new entrance escalators on the east side of Columbia Heights Station, marking the final phase of a major capital project to replace all seven of the station’s escalators. To date, five of the station’s escalators have been replaced with safer, more reliable units.

In order to expedite the process and reduce the impact to customers, Metro will temporarily close the east side entrance, located on the northeast corner of 14th and Irving streets NW, during the nine-month project. This will allow Metro’s contractor, KONE, to replace the two adjacent escalators at the same time, reducing the project duration by about half.”

  • vannessie

    Wow, as if that intersection wasn’t enough of a sh*tshow traffic and pedestrian wise!

  • Eric

    We just had one of our entrances closed at the Petworth station. TWINSIES!!!

  • Bryan

    This is amazing. Only in the world of WMATA could it take 9 months to replace 2 freaking escalators.

    • domrep

      9 months sounds about right, that’s how long it will take for 1 escalator at Waterfront.

      • Bryan

        It’s not about right. It is laughably bad. It took them years to build the escalators on the west side. 9 months on the other end is actually an upgrade. That said, you go to any place with an escalator, you will see them replaced whenever in a timely fashion. Hell I studied abroad in Moscow and even they know how to fix an escalator in days. Not weeks. And definitely not months.

        • The Return of the Thin Archduke

          Remember when we raised and refitted battleships sunk at Pearl Harbor in less than 6 months?

        • MMMkay

          Does anyone have an actual source for how long it *should* take to repair a subway escalator? Your point about Moscow is regarding fixing, not replacing escalators.

    • Tsar Of Truxton

      I really don’t get it. Entire buildings seem to be going up faster all over the city.

    • Anonymous

      Ditto. In China, I saw escalators installed in a matter of days at the newly built subway stations.
      What-the-ever-f#ck takes so long to get these jobs done? Do the replacement parts need to be sculpted by hand in an artisanal Swiss workshop?

      • sproc

        No, these days the lone craftsman capable of crafting these wonders of 19th century engineering splits his time between Brooklyn and Portland, with regular sojourns into the Andes or the Himalayas to rediscover his inner self. When inspired to, he lovingly handcrafts each articulated step and leaves them wrapped with a Victorian-style hemp bow on his front porch for grateful Metro engineers to collect.

  • wdc

    Almost every day, metro gives me a new reason to be glad I broke up with it.

  • Egad

    But now where will people go pee?

  • 9thStreetNW

    Cities abroad build entire tram systems in less than two years, and it takes almost half of that to fix two escalators. This is unbelievable.

  • anon36

    What a joke. I don’t understand why there is not more outrage. 9 months to replace an escalator is outrageous. I’d like to know if this is some sweetheart kickback deal.

  • Q

    Oh crud–that’s my entrance. Now I’m going to have to pass Chik Fil A twice a day. Damn you Metro!

  • Jerry Grundle

    Speaking of escalators, neither of the escalators closest to the surface were running at Woodley Park about 15 minutes ago. And there are crazy bunches of tourists everywhere this afternoon.

    • Eric

      They could use the exercise, tbf.

  • Chris

    Van Ness residents have a 2 year closure of one side to replace 3 escalators. they “finished” one but the ride up is so choppy I’m just waiting for the first breakdown.

    Which actually could have happened already – i was driving for a few weeks.

  • RV

    Where it reads, “reducing the project duration by about half,” it should read “doubling the project duration only once.”

  • Tom wojo

    Kone sucks.

  • Paul

    Didn’t WMATA replace both of these escalators during a very long closure of that entrance in about 2010?


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