Bozzelli’s Italian Sandwich Shop Opens Downtown

by Prince Of Petworth March 18, 2016 at 11:00 am 3 Comments

bozellis open
Photo by Matt Friedman

Matt notes:

“Looks like Bozzelli’s is open at Vermont and L NW

The folks from Bozzelli’s confirm:

“Yep, opened Monday. It’s just a soft opening. We hope to have a grand opening in early April. So far locals appear to love the authentic italian subs and pizza pies. Especially the Beef Meatball with Romano and Provonello.”

boz inside
photo courtesy Bozzelli’s

  • just me

    Thanks for the reminder! I’m right around the corner and just went there. My Italian sub is really good. Everything else looked really good and the pizza smelled amazing. The staff is really nice and quick too. I think this place is going to make a killing.

    PS: spicy Italian subs may be the perfect hangover cure.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I’m looking forward to this, if it’s good. The sandwich places around here are really hit or miss.

  • lizcolleena

    I’m eating it right now! It’s pretty good. A few kinks to work out in the ordering / payment process, but this area needs a good sandwich shop. (What I wouldn’t give for a Taylor here… 20 mins is too far to walk at lunch for me.) The meatball sub is pretty good – great bread, good meatballs. I prefer a bit spicier sauce, but this is certainly tasty enough. Not outrageous prices either…


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