Anyone Register a Historic Car?

by Prince Of Petworth March 31, 2016 at 3:45 pm 15 Comments

Mustang Before

“Dear Popville,

I have inherited my grandmother’s 1965 Ford Mustang. Having not been driven in ~20 years the car is currently being restored. Once complete, I will have it shipped to DC so that I can enjoy it on Spring days like today.

I am begining to nagivate the process of insuring and registering the vehicle and am hoping that the PoPville community may have some insightful tips. It seems that DC allows vehicles to be registered as “historic” which, as a benefit, makes the car exempt from meeting any modern vehicular standards (e.g. exhaust, noise, fuel usage). As a drawback, I would only be able to drive my new/old car 1000 miles/year.

Additionally I am looking at insurance, and I believe the best option is to insure the vehicle as a classic car, which is less expensive and provides better coverage than standard insurance. However, classic car insurance that I have found requires each member of your household to already have a daily driver… so unless I force my bike riding wife out of our house that is a difficult requirement to meet.

Looking for some good pointers from people who have already gone through this.

Side note: Anyone in the H St area have an extra garage spot that they want to rent to a ’65 Mutang… seriously???”


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