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  • KenyonDweller

    There’s no chance that leaning tower will be standing in 600 years.

  • navyard

    What happened to the two buildings that stood next to this in the Google Maps view? torn down?

    • JS

      Razed. There’s going to be a 12 unit building there.

    • tom

      The two homes next door were ripped down to be replaced with a 12-unit residential building.


      Interestingly, this buildings was supposed to be 4 stories. This very clearly seems to be 5 stories?

      This looks absolutely terrible now. But, perhaps when the 2 new buildings are done right next to each other they will blend in and won’t look so bad. DC has lots of row house blocks interrupted by taller mid-rise apartments. Oh course, that is depended on decent finishing materials which I’m not feeling to confident off.

      • Shawnnnnnn

        You are very perceptive. That is indeed five stories. Good work.

        • Anon

          Shawnnnnn, not sure what made you feel so small today, but this pathetic attempt to mock a useful contribution won’t make you feel appreciably better over time.

          • Anon

            I mean, he’s a jerk. But come on! There are five rows of windows. How many stories could it be??

          • Anon

            Yea, no shit. If that’s all that you took away from that post, I’m not sure how to help you.

        • tom

          Oh good lord. I was just suprised that the planing document clearly said 4 stories and yet..very obviously there are 5 rows of windows. Is this a blatant violation of the permit or some sort of zoning technicality, like the top floors are lofted or the ground floor is technically considered to be a basement? Or perhaps they subsequently filed for a permit change.

      • mid city guy

        Actually it could be a 4 story building. one level could be double height on the interior, with perhaps a mezzanine which does not count as a story.

  • ET

    Nothing about that give me any confidence that the building would be one I would want to ever live in much less invest my money in.

  • navyard

    The cracked mortar / split brick shown in the photograph above is conveniently hidden behind the advertising sign in the Google Street view too. I wonder if it was there when the building was sold and if the buyers knew it.

    • anon

      how hard is it to fix a crack like that? i assume basic tuckpointing wouldn’t get it, but can’t it be anchored somehow?

  • thor

    eh. nothing a fresh coat of paint can’t fix.

  • DCDuchess

    Ugh, I feel horrible for the unsuspecting people who will buy this. The water will be coming in through the walls and they will be spending some serious $$ to fix it.

  • OnMyCommute

    While biking past last night, I noticed that the 2nd story of the brick facade is now gone. I guess that’s one way to fix the cracked mortar. At this point, there is one story of brick facade left. Beyond that it appears to be a completely new structure…..

  • Matthew Penfield

    I walked by this place last night and saw that the developer (Equity Resource) has removed the existing brick wall. I would hope they have a significant fine for this because under the original stop work order they were required to shore up the wall and support it correctly under the code, but instead they left the illegal supports and just helped the wall to collapse by continuing to work under the stop work order. In reality, they will probably only get a slap on the wrist for this because DCRA has no very little authority to take action after the fact and has a history of allowing developers to apologize their way out of fines.


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