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More Reports of the NoMa Flasher

by Prince Of Petworth February 19, 2016 at 12:05 pm 12 Comments

via google maps

On Feb. 10th a reported “a gross, slightly scary experience around 9am on my walk to work. Walking on the north side of M St. NE between 5th and 6th”. Yesterday two more folks believe they ran into him:

“Earlier this morning around 9:20am I was walking towards the Noma Metro on M Street and 5th Street when I ran into I believe the same man. He was wearing a black ski mask and black jacket and had his private parts exposed. He seemed a bit odd as I approached to pass him on the side walk until I realized what he was doing. I immediately called the cops and informed them because I knew this has happened before and thought it was the same guy from when this happened on 2/10/16. Hopefully they can get him the help he needs!”


“We live near the corner of 6th and M ST NE and have reported him twice this week, once on Tuesday and once today. I called 911 about 4 times giving them updates on his location but DC police kept missing him. Both days he was pacing back and forth down M ST NE from the corner of 5th to Florida Ave. He was seen today moving from one side of M ST NE to the other based on the foot traffic that was coming. It appears he was targeting women. Both days we have seen him he has been out during the high traffic time from 830-930 or so. Hopefully they get this guy soon.”

  • Millhouseovich

    Wouldn’t February or Smarch (lousy Smarch weather) a bad time to be a flasher??? I’m not a guy sooooo…..

    • textdoc

      Are you trolling? The people who commit these acts get off on scaring people. Someone with that mindset isn’t going to be deterred by a little bit of cold weather.
      Moreover, there’s no indication that this case involved the stereotypical flasher garb of a raincoat and nothing on underneath.

      • wdc

        Wait, have flashers entered “must not joke about” territory?
        I thought it was funny. Or had the potential to be funny, anyway.

        • Sometimes it hard to tell jokes in the comments. Also if this guy has upset people who’ve encountered him first hand – then yes – err on the side of not joking about somebody else’s pain/discomfort/unease whatever…Thanks.

        • wdc

          But when it’s so easy to find someone who is upset about absolutely anything… where does it stop?
          I don’t mean to be contrary, but I think it’s a bit much to expect the world to know what’s going to upset you, outside of having experienced physical harm, or in some way indicated that pain/discomfort were part of the experience. Neither writer-inner seemed particularly traumatized. “Slightly scary” doesn’t trigger my “treat very gently” instinct. Had I been in that situation, I would have laughed, tried to get a pic, and mocked him to all my friends.
          I’m happy to have my mind changed. But humor is how I cope with pretty much everything, so it’s not going to be automatic.

          • textdoc

            I seem to recall your getting pretty upset over the use of the word “girl” rather than “woman.”
            “Had I been in that situation, I would have laughed, tried to get a pic, and mocked him to all my friends.” Have you actually been in that situation? The way that people _think_ they would react in a given situation is often very different than how they _do_ react in real life.

          • It’s a judgement call. Well the thing about running a blog is that – to be blunt – well I decide. If someone emails me offended I almost always delete. Almost. Though I do always try to err on the side of compassion before an email is necessary (but obviously I don’t read every comment). And if folks are ok with it – they keep reading the blog and if they think it’s too “PC” they go somewhere else. It’s very different than how I interact in person but online I find it’s always better to be kind – because there are so many (or at least so many vocal and prolific) vicious people on line. In person – I’m happy to joke away (within reason).

          • wdc

            Ah, textdoc, I thought of that! But according women basic respect by not infantilizing them with the word “girl” can become automatic for everyone. Everyone who gives a shit about respecting women, that is. And I don’t think I was upset (though I won’t mind if you want to prove me wrong) but rather insistent, because this is something that is within everyone’s grasp. Just as we have pretty much all stopped calling Irish people “micks” we can all learn to stop calling women girls, or chicks, or baby (coming from a stranger) or whatever other demeaning term. There’s nothing funny about demeaning words for women; there’s no value in continuing to do it. (This all makes me sound way more militant than I feel, btw.)
            It’s different trying to guess what might bother someone in the realm of humor. We make fun of people all. the. time around here, and we get positive feedback for it a lot of the time, so it’s worth trying. The guy who was really really upset about the Mt Pleasant Subway? Popville was merciless, but he was really upset. Why no consideration for his feelings? Because we didn’t agree with him, I guess. Or the bacon ranch pizza guy. Or the woman whose neighbor threw away her keys.
            (And yes, I’ve been flashed. The first time I froze like a twitchy little bunny. After that, I laughed, mocked, once hollered “Hey friends, come check out this man’s penis! He wants to show his penis to you! Come here!” Ah, good times.)

          • I can’t believe how insensitive you are about the whole flashing thing. How about peeping toms? How about gropers if it’s just over the pants? I mean this whole thing is a slippery slope. And you can’t pick and chose what offends people just because it doesn’t offend you or vice versa with the whole girl thing and all. Which by the by – I try to delete when folks call people bitches or retards – a lot of folks think I’m overly PC doing that. Ridiculous that people still call each other retards today. But I’m sure someone finds it funny.

          • wdc

            But… but… the flasher is the butt of the joke here. (No pun intended. Well… maybe a little intended.) Because his bits will get cold. He’s dumb because he’s got his delicate parts exposed to the elements. Not even a little funny?
            But ok, I give. Now that I know this is a hot button for you, I will try to remember to not joke about flashers.

  • Millhouseovich

    I was going with the whole shrinkage issue – as far as flashers and cold months go…just trying to be lighthearted! :)

    • Truxton Thomas

      Now look what you’ve done.


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