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La Jambe, French Wine bar, Charcuterie & Fromagerie, Looking to Open in Shaw this May

by Prince Of Petworth February 4, 2016 at 10:40 am 10 Comments

1550 7th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I live over in Shaw and drive/walk by the space at the Jefferson (next to Dacha) where La Jambe is supposedly going in. I haven’t seen any updates to the space in at least 6 months and was curious if the new place has been called off or if anything is on the horizon (the La Jambe signage is still on the windows). Fingers crossed that something good comes of the space because it’d be great to have another awesome place on 7th St.”

La Jambe tells me via email:

“The quick update is that we’re waiting on final permits from the city to start our build-out. Everything is in place and ready to go when that happens (we’re hoping in the next week or two). I think the snow slowed things down a bit, not surprisingly. More broadly, we’re aiming to open in early May.”

Stay tuned for updates.

  • Anony

    It’s called ‘the leg’? Appetizing.

    • Shawzers

      “Wine legs, also referred to by the French as the ‘tears of a wine,’ are the droplets or streaks of water that form on the inside of a wine glass as you move the wine around.” My guess is that it’s a play on the fact that they’ll be offering wine (with the “legs” mentioned above) + charcuterie, which comes from real legs. (Well, at least animals with real legs.) Either way, I am incredibly excited for this place!!

    • Anonymouse

      What is unappetizing about a leg? Chicken leg, turkey leg, ham (pig leg), leg of lamb… all seem pretty good to me.

  • It’s quite sad that businesses are ready to go and fill these empty storefronts yet have to wait so long for the city to approve their permits. Inefficiency at its best.

    • Anon. No. 5

      I’ve heard some sad stories about how the district was in trying to fill the storefronts in the convention center. Let’s just say lots of business proposals and then no follow up from DC until almost a year later.

    • [rrrrr]

      It doesn’t sound from the comment like the city has been at all egregious in their handling of it. Note that the delay is attributed–potentially–to the snow, so it’s not like they’ve been waiting since August on these permits. Can we not go to the pitchforks reflexively every time a city agency is mentioned?

  • bruno

    Charcute is delicious! I’m there.

    • Craig

      The shop that sells the meat and the meat itself are both “charcuterie” – no need to change forms.

  • Mary

    The snow has merely slowed down this part of the process…they’ve been working through building permits with DC for several months- city bureaucracy has slowed down the opening much more than they were hoping. They’ve been doing a ton of fantastic sourcing and research for products in the meantime so when it does open will be fantastic (disclaimer: the proprietors are good friends of mine and I’ve been waiting for this to open for almost two years. So excited)

    • annonny

      I live a block away and along with my other neighbors are very excited to have them open too!!!


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