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  • AN

    Ha! I’ve seen that quite a bit recently. Piles of packages in Uhauls driven by USPS personnel. On a side note, after the storm we did not receive mail for a week. Amazon deliveries were routed to a post office, and we were never informed which one. After filing a USPS complaint/request for services, packages and mail started again a couple days later…

    • AG

      I got USPS packages, and therefore just assumed I didn’t have any mail, but on Saturday we got a huge bundle of mail, probably everything from the previous week.

      • lucie

        This happened to us too! We got packages from Amazon and other places through the USPS package delivery, but didn’t have mail for like a week.

        • FridayGirl

          From what I’ve heard/experienced, sometimes the packages and the actual paper mail come in separate trucks. Not always, but it definitely happens.

  • Dave

    It is normal. My mail personn only drives a u-haul and doesn’t wear a uniform. Sometimes she has a helper, who is obviously not a postal worker.

  • wdc

    Relatedly, I have seen USPS and UPS trucks parked at the corner of 19th and L several times, with the driver actively *throwing* packages off the truck and on to L Street. Actually ON the street behind the truck. Wonder if it’s worth anyone’s while to get some video of that. It happens regularly.

  • womp

    i live in Mt. Vernon Triangle and our apt building’s mail has been delivered via U-Haul vans for MONTHS. so i’d venture to say normal (by DC’s standard anyway)

    • womp

      to clarify, this is USPS

  • Pixie

    I’ve seen USPS deliver mail in U-Haul vans in Takoma for a few weeks now, so I don’t think it has anything to do with the blizzard.

  • Nathan

    Our USPS in Bloomingdale is usually U Hauls.

  • Marty

    i assume my missing Amazon package is in there someplace

  • oh2dc

    Normal for DC, I suppose. I’ve seen this for several months now in Logan/Shaw.

  • Karin

    A postman told me that USPS is waiting for new trucks to be delivered. Seems like they should have continued to use the old ones until the new ones arrived, but who knows? Maybe the new ones are lost in the mail!

    • webster_res

      This assumes that the old ones can still be used, at all, or that the cost of using and maintaining the old ones is cheaper than renting uhaul trucks. If they don’t have a large enough supply of trucks to meet the delivery demand, then they must implement some sort of stopgap solution to keep up with the deliveries.

  • tim

    I want to like the postal service, but my faith in the DC USPS is so low. At least once a week i get mail intended for my neighbors (next door), a completely different unit block, lettered street, or sometimes even quadrant. maybe i’m just a bad holiday tipper.

  • anonymous

    USPS doesnt have any money to buy new trucks. I dont see any issue with USPS outsourcing their trucks to U-Haul. U-Haul will probably get a better deal on the trucks than if USPS were trying to buy them from manufacturers.

  • sproc

    I’d cut them a lot of slack right now–I’m sure there’s not only a lot of undelivered mail here, but also just now coming from other places that were impacted. I got home around 6 last night while the mailman (who wasn’t any of the regulars I recognized) was stuffing our condos’ boxes with a lot more than usual.

  • hammers

    A guy was CHUCKING packages into a Budget van in front of the Columbia Heights Fedex last night. Hope nothing of value, that guy had an arm!

  • Erica

    Yes, it normal, I asked my regular mail guy. He said that the amount of mail and packages for my building were too much for a standard mail truck. There are residential mail trucks and the bigger ones from moving mail across the country. I’m not sure the cost effectiveness but I get my mail with no worries.

  • ECfromDC

    Never seen that before.

  • smn-dc

    Here in SW, we get the normal USPS mini-van and the carrier wear their uniform. At least you’re getting mail. I mailed a DVD to a friend in Brooklyn/NYC and they didn’t get the mail until 2 wks later! And they said that was a norm!


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