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“Is anyone getting mail?”

by Prince Of Petworth January 28, 2016 at 1:30 pm 110 Comments

mail snow
Photo by PoPville flickr user Nikoo Yahyazadeh

“Dear PoPville,

Anyone have an idea when mail will be delivered again in DC? Is anyone getting mail? We haven’t had a delivery since last week (in Brookland).”

I’ve been getting a lot of these queries on twitter too – so let’s put it all together here – who has or has not gotten mail yet? Please include what neighborhood you live in. Thanks.

  • CapHill

    We got our first mail delivery yesterday (Wednesday) on Capitol Hill/H Street area! UPS has been out doing deliveries since Tuesday

  • Anon

    Is your street plowed? Mine was not until late Tuesday. Not plowed = no mail. Got mail yesterday.

  • Aglets

    yep. got my jury duty summons. whomp-whomp.

    • See you there. Mine came Tuesday.

  • Anon Spock

    Mail the day after the plow.

  • sb

    yep. very southern petworth.

  • Anon

    On Rock Creek Church Rd in Petworth. Pretty clear street, but no mail yet!

    • 3rd and Shepherd

      We had delivery for the first time yesterday and a neighbor at 4th and Varnum did on Tuesday so it seems to be moving your way.

    • sb

      That’s where we live too. We got mail yesterday (and I think on Tuesday, too).

  • K

    We got our first post blizzard mail yesterday in Deanwood.

  • ncp

    We’re in Upper Fourteenth, Columbia Heights/ Petworth area. Street is plowed. No mail since last Thursday.

    • ac

      We are at 7th and Upshur in Petworth. Clear roads but no mail since last Thursday.

    • whitehatgirl

      Same, and it is not at all challenging to drive on our street, park, and walk the mail. Ridiculous.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I’ve gotten mail. I also have the best mail carrier in the city.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m in Adams Morgan.

  • Anonymous

    Yes – the heart of Adams Morgan on a busy street. Getting mail everyday. Our road and all sidewalks are cleared and easily passable.
    I imagine people on smaller residential streets in low density neighborhoods with lots of snow are not going to get deliveries for a while.

    • Amy

      I’m also in Adams Morgan, right on a main road that has been plowed for days, and no mail since Friday.

  • dat

    Petworth. Street is plowed. Got mail the last two days, but have not received the built up mail from our expired vacation hold. Time for a run to the post office.

  • csp

    Yes, in Eckington. UPS too.

  • anon&confused

    We got mail yesterday (Wednesday) – first time since Wednesday last week!

    Related, we seem to only occasionally get our mail, and I know we also miss important pieces of mail (most recently: a wedding invitation – the bride called and asked why I hadn’t RSVP’ed with my meal choices!), and also routinely get our neighbor’s on either side’s mail, or the mail of neighbor’s who have the same house number, but on a different street. It’s happened so frequently that I’ve complained to USPS and never got a response. Does this happen to anyone else in Brookland?

    • Anon

      I haven’t had this issue (that I know of) but I have had issues with mail holds in Brookland. I’ll fill out the online form, ask for delivery on the day I get back, and it will show up 5 days later in a big stack. I never had this problem with mail holds when I lived in Adams Morgan.

    • anon

      Yep, had the same thing happen the five years I lived in Brookland. Only time we had great services was when our mail lady would call out sick and her substitute would fill in. We called the PO multiple times asking if he could be our permanent mail person.

  • Mel

    No mail in Shaw on 10th & M since last Thursday.

    • Eleven

      We got mail at 5th and M yesterday. So hopefully yours is coming soon!

      • Ava16

        Ugh no mail at 6th and M yet (as of Wed)

        • alexdc

          neighbor! i got mail at 6th and M yesterday. packages though, not so much.

    • oh2dc

      Weird. I got mail yesterday (Wednesday) and I am close to you (12 & N NW).

    • 4thShaw

      Got mail in Shaw at 4th & R starting Tuesday

    • dceited

      No mail at 10th & O since last Thursday!

      • JadeinDC

        No mail at 10 and N St NW either! Glad we’re not the only ones!

    • BostonToShaw

      9 and M is getting mail…

      • J

        9 & M as well. Have mail but the package from Amazon that’s supposed to be delivered by USPS – haven’t seen that yet. Has anyone gotten packages?

  • ABDC

    No mail in Petworth by EL Haynes. USPS tracking for a package even said it attempted delivery and left notice, which was completely false. I was home, no delivery attempt, no notice.

    • anon for now

      I got the same thing (twice!)! The second time they “attempted delivery,” the tracking update said my mail receptacle was blocked, which I’m pretty sure just means “mail carrier did not want to walk over a large snow mound” because the mail area in my condo building certainly was not blocked. It’s a package I need, too (rx meds that I ordered early last week, well in advance of when I need them (this weekend) to specifically try to avoid this from happening). UGH.

    • Anonamom

      I got the best one yet last week. USPS was supposed to deliver my Amazon package (one day mind you, why the hell Amazon transferred a on day delivery package to USPS is beyond me) Thursday – before the storm. Thursday – no package and a “your package has been delayed line.” next day, I get a notice that it was undeliverable and to call Amazon for a problem on the customer end. USPS claimed I had put the wrong address on for delivery. You know, the same address I used at least once a week for all of my million and one Prime deliveries, and the same address they had delivered to the very next day. Amazon gets it fixed, but my only options at that point were to wait for the delivery. It came Tuesday. What did I order? A nice, warm, water proof snow coat for Littlest Anonachild. Thanks USPS and Amazon!

      • Brookland Anon

        Yep! First of all, we’re on a well-plowed street in Brookland, and haven’t gotten mail since last Thursday. Second, we similarly put in an Amazon Prime order (although 2-day expected to arrive last Thursday) for boots and mittens for the little one. Boots arrived. Mittens did not – and still have not. However, something else we ordered from Amazon on Monday arrived yesterday with no problem.

  • anon

    We got our first mail delivery yesterday near H St, including packages that were supposed to delivered pre-storm but mysteriously were marked “delivery attempt unsuccessful” (which couldn’t have been true because someone was home all day).

  • anon

    Brookland resident here – we’re on a very busy street, well plowed, walkway is clear and still no mail. A couple of USPS packages that I have been tracking said they were out for delivery yesterday, but no sign of them. Very frustrating! We have gotten UPS and FedEx.

  • D

    No mail as of yesterday (Petworth).

  • marigold

    Was soooo happy to get my expedited passport by good-ol USPS yesterday! So yes we are getting mail in Brightwood (my main street is plowed/side streets are not/all neighbors cleaned their sidewalk)

  • GPDC

    We got mail on Monday and every day since. In Glover Park.

  • Cleo42

    Mail received yesterday in North Dupont (New Hampshire and T)

  • anon

    No mail on Spring Road NW since Thursday.

  • leigh

    no mail for me as of yesterday – We live in Kalorama near Admo!

  • bruno

    Mount Pleasant: No — not yet.
    Related points: Had a hard time finding out when and if post offices were open.
    Also — what if bills didn’t go out owing to the storm; are we liable for the delay.
    Funny point: Heard a barista ask “Is there a hummus button?” while training on the computer; that is, a button to indicate hummus on your bagel order.

    • FridayGirl

      Re: Bills.
      You can view almost all bills online. Presumably you know where you usually send the check if you pay by snail mail, or can pay it online one time through the company or through your bank…

      • bruno

        I still pay bills by mail so what I wonder — if the mailed the check on time but it did not go out because mail was delayed, am I liable for the delay? etc etc etc. Thanks. I don’t pay anything on line….

        • FridayGirl

          Oohhh… I see what you’re saying. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to call and ask if you haven’t.

        • K

          I had the same question. We pay one medical bill via snail mail. They do not have an option to pay online and have a surcharge for paying by phone. I put the mail in my office mail box before I left on Friday and it appears that the mail box is still full as of this morning. I’m hoping I don’t get a late fee for this check arriving 5 days late.

        • Anonamom

          Usually they go by post mark. In theory, the mail should be post marked as soon as it’s received at the post office… then again, DC so the likelihood of this happening is uncertain. You could also just call and explain (if you get charged a late fee) and ask them to waive. Most places will waive if you aren’t constantly late.

      • When I first signed up for Washington Gas service (6 yrs ago), they imposed a $4.95 for anyone paying online, and a $13 surcharge for anyone paying in person at one of their service centers. Needless to say, I opted for the stamp & paper option, especially since my bill is usually only about $10. I don’t know if these surcharges continue, but that explains why some people still prefer snail mail over online billing.

        • bruno

          I never so any reason to switch to on line… I love to use the mail ;^) Thanks for the tips. I will call AT&T (no pun intended) with my snow-tardy inquiry. P.S. You can drop your Pepco bill in a slot at their HQ on 9th street and save the stamp! Free!

          • FridayGirl

            Oh, I still use snail mail for one or two bills but I would totally take the added fee one time if I hadn’t sent the bill yet and was worried about it getting there.

        • TJ

          The gas bill is free online. All the bills I pay related to DC services have free online payments.
          People who don’t pay bills online realize there is a 49 cent surcharge on every transaction, right? Plus the cost of checks and envelopes. And in many instances you get less information about usage histories, patterns. And you have to worry whether the bill will arrive when USPS is thwarted by weather.

          • bruno

            Didn’t know there was a 49c surcharge. That’s probably for the cost of them mailing me the bill. I hate paying on line — that’s just me. I don’t advocate it. I think there is also an old war tax on phone bills from like World War One….

          • FridayGirl

            Pretty sure he was talking about the stamp…

        • bruno

          How much does your computer and monthly service cost? I just use the one at the library, and pay my bills by mail, and I save all that computer money….

  • I Dont Get It

    Started yesterday–U St.

    • FridayGirl

      I’m also getting mail near U Street — got my first mail after the storm on Tuesday.

  • nevermindtheend

    We got mail yesterday – Kalorama.

  • jcm

    I’ve gotten mail every day except Saturday in Pleasant Plains. Got a UPS delivery yesterday, too.

  • ET

    I got my first delivery yesterday.

  • Planner

    I am on 17th in Dupont, and have been getting my mail. Bills and tax forms.

    • Mailess in Dupont

      No mail at the office south dupont since Thursday of last week. The streets are clear and have been.

  • Langdon

    No mail since before the storm on our street in the Langdon neighborhood. Our street has been plowed since Sunday.

  • sproc

    Got mail yesterday. As usual, a fat pile of pre-approved credit card offers, useless catalogs and even more useless flyers. Most days I’m convinced there could be a wax-sealed letter from the Queen of England in the the finest calligraphed vellum envelope and I’d never notice before it hits the trash.

  • kn

    Stronghold had mail delivery beginning Tuesday.

  • Aaron

    No mail in Petworth (Quincy & Georgia Ave.) since the storm.

    • Interesting. I’m about 2 blocks north of you and have had mail since Tuesday.

      • Aaron

        Got it today!

    • saf

      My mail – 10th and Quincy – started up again Wednesday.

  • 20017

    In Brookland, street plowed, no snow in front of mailbox, no mail.

  • Adams Morgan

    In my part of Lanier Heights (my street got plowed before some of the other streets) we started getting mail on Tuesday.

  • Kate

    Got mail Thursday 1/21 and then again on Weds 1/27. UPS delivered on 1/26. Logan/Dupont Circle on 16th Street (snow emergency route).

  • ANON

    I’m in brookland and I finally got mail yesterday

  • Ms. D

    Brookland, main street, cleared sidewalk: Just got back from vacation and my held mail has not been delivered yet – it was due to come Tuesday. Nothing else in my box since arrival, but I don’t necessarily get mail every day so not sure if that means regular service is also not coming.

  • Cassie

    In Hill East, we got mail last Friday, but haven’t had anything since. Our street is plowed and the sidewalks are clear. Although paths to from the street to the sidewalk are few and hard to spot. UPS delivered Wednesday and today.

  • S

    In Adams Morgan–got mail on Tuesday, but not yesterday. A package being delivered was also transferred from FedEx to USPS for delivery on Monday according to the tracking website, but hasn’t moved since. Hoping that things get up to speed by the beginning of next week.

  • tke

    Petworth (near Soldiers’ Home). Received mail yesterday and today.

  • Anon

    Brookland – first mail delivery was yesterday.

  • Dognonymous

    I’m in Brookland and we started getting mail again on Wednesday. May just be weirdness from route to route in the neighborhood.

  • Mylisia

    I live in Noma at 3rd & K and we started getting mail on Tuesday, although yesterday seems to have been the big backlog delivery.

  • Marty

    16th St Heights – nothing since last week. Sidewalk and walkway fully shoveled. However, the normal places where he’d park to deliver on our street are all snowbanks, so i think no USPS parking = no mail.

  • emvee

    Cleveland Park. We got mail on Tuesday, but not Wednesday. TBD on today.

  • peachy

    I’m in Logan Circle and got mail yesterday (Wednesday). I feel badly for my mail carrier, she walks with a limp and there are a LOT of rowhouses in the area with people who have not cleaned the snow/ice off their stairs. Horrible.

  • ere

    No mail in Glover Park

  • brightwooder

    No mail or UPS for us since last Thursday! Every day I am hopeful!

  • georgetowner

    Just got my first mail since before the snow a few minutes ago…. was surprised that there were just three or four pieces rather than the giant pile that you’d assume after a week of no service.

    Fingers crossed that trash pick-up will finally resume tomorrow!

  • Truxton Thomas

    No mail in the FRINJ.

  • I just got a huge amount of mail delivered couple of hours ago North of Dupont (19th and Swann). No mail the last couple of days, so this must be all of this week’s mail so far.

  • Mug of Glop

    I got mail on Tuesday basically as soon as they deigned to plow Q Street in Logan Circle. My USPS carrier is pretty great.

  • kd21

    I’m in Dupont, and haven’t received anything since the storm

  • Mail Time

    26th and P NW; first post-snow mail arrived Wednesday, but based on the volume it was clearly not a several-days-long backlog of it. FedEx and UPS trucks have also been spotted making deliveries in the neighborhood. Sidewalks and streets have been cleared since late Monday/early Tuesday.

  • John

    I live in 16th Street Heights.
    We had mail delivery on Monday and Tuesday, but no mail delivery on Wednesday. No idea how USPS got that plan to work.

    UPS delivered to my street yesterday. They hadn’t been on my street since the previous Thursday.

  • mRPoSTmAN

    I’d be OK with not getting anything in the mail. It’s all useless third and fourth class mail. I went paperless on all my bills/ statements just to get less mail!

  • Matt

    Checking in from woodley park. No mail for me since before the storm. I saw packages delivered for others in my building, so I’m guessing that FedEx or UPS is delivering to the area.

  • JoDa

    “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

    Unless it’s inconvenient. I’ve been having major package issues with the UPS/Fedex to USPS stuff lately (always goes out for delivery, and then the dreaded “an exception has occurred”). I’m sick of being told, in so many words, “you’ll get it when we feel like it.” I mean, sure, I’ll survive for a few days without, say, a new water filter for my fridge, but some people get really important stuff like medication, etc. delivered.

    • JoDa

      The package I was expecting last Thursday finally arrived today. Hooray?

  • anon

    no mail in cap hill. street plowed and all sidewalks on block clear. steps to all homes clear since Sun.

  • Matt

    Brightwood – USPS package delivered Tuesday, stack of mail delivered Wednesday

  • Tash

    We got mail in Brightwood yesterday.

  • kate900

    Got mail Tuesday, Wednesday, and today (U Street).

  • Anon3

    I live in shaw (right off metro), and got mail delivered on Tuesday (including packages) – which was a pleasant surprise. Have been getting mail every day since.

  • Chris

    I live in SW, Bellevue to be exact, and we’ve received our mail for the past 2 days.

  • Rich

    Yes in Logan and we had mail last Friday.

  • AG

    I got FedEx Tuesday, UPS and USPS yesterday in close-in Capitol Hill. They were all packages that were supposed to arrive Friday or Monday.

  • SassyinDC

    Yes, we are getting mail, UPS, FED Ex here in Hillcrest.

    • SassyinDC

      Hillcrest–East of the River and neighborhood/alley has been plowed down to the black top , snow removed for two days and LOTS of parking, not to mention a yard and garage. EOTR and Lovin’ it since 2000!

  • J

    I’m in BK Saturady was the only day with no mail.

  • aktodc

    My block on Hill East (17th between A & East Cap NE) has gotten mail since Tuesday – plus UPS packages.


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