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In Hopes of Saving Your Afternoon Commute: “The District will deploy about 200 plows by noon”

by Prince Of Petworth February 12, 2016 at 8:56 am 19 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Joe Flood


“The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for a half inch of snow from 6 PM to Midnight. Snow showers are most likely between 6 PM and 8 PM. Winds will be from the south around 5 mph through this evening. Winds will become northwest, with gusts up to 30 mph toward midnight. Temperatures will be in the upper 20’s to lower 30’s toward midnight.

Stay informed and exercise caution when driving in any snow showers this evening, especially on untreated roads. Even a small snow accumulations will cause untreated roads to become icy.”

From Alert DC:

“Mayor Muriel Bowser has directed the DC Snow Team to go into a full deployment Friday, February 12. The District will deploy about 200 plows by noon, based on weather reports that call for a coating to a half inch of snow to fall between Friday afternoon and midnight. Below-freezing temperatures may cause snow to stick to the pavement and affect Friday’s afternoon rush hour. The Snow Team will pretreat bridges and overpasses as well as the freeways and other major routes tonight and tomorrow until snow begins to fall.”

  • domrep

    Are 200 plows really necessary?

    • textdoc

      I wondered the same thing… but Bowser is probably thinking of that Wednesday-night snowfall a few weeks ago where D.C. didn’t appear to have done any pre-treating and traffic was snarled all evening.

    • The ground is totally frozen, DC has 4,400 road miles, they have like 4-6 hours to treat it all, why are we possibly complaining about too much of a response? If this looks like Commutageddon 2011 we’d be going nutso that not enough was done.
      If we budgeted for it, then I’m happy we’re sending out all of the plows. And plows aren’t just for plowing, they’re the ones pre-treating. Rush hour snow presents a unique challenge and we’ve seen how bad shit can go wrong, I have no problem with this.

      • petworther

        Well there is 0% chance of snow so it seems like a bit of a waste.

        • nw_dc_1988

          Ha….are you seriously using an hourly iPhone app forecast to base this off of?

      • Anonymous

        It is a half inch of snow that is even possible so yes this is an overkill of DC resources!

        • textdoc

          IIRC, it was less than an inch of snow that completely snarled D.C. traffic on the evening of Wed. 1/20. Better safe than sorry.

  • derp derp

    I don’t see anything in the forecast until 8pm when there’s a 10% chance.

    • Anonymous

      Samesies. What the hell.
      I have a flight to California at 8pm. Can’t wait to get out of this crap.

    • jcm

      Capital Weather Gang says 50% chance:
      ” A late afternoon snow shower band (50% chance) could snarl the evening rush hour so stay tuned. We’ll want to start watching for snow shower activity out ahead of the Arctic cold front by late afternoon into evening. Confidence: Medium-High”

      • derp derp

        Looks like I need to trash my weather channel app and listen to the weather gang instead.

        • jenster8dc

          Yeah, CWG is the most accurate and the most up-to-date, in my experience. I follow those guys religiously on the Twitters.

        • jcm

          The gang is pretty accurate, but they don’t do a great job in producing easily-digestible, at-a-glance information. They could really use a great app designer’s services.

          • textdoc

            I agree with “they don’t do a great job in producing easily-digestible, at-a-glance information.” When it comes to the weather forecast, I don’t want to read a whole bunch of paragraphs.

  • ….

    Gotta love when the Mayor announces she’s going to perform a basic function of her job.

    • CHGal

      +1,000 Are these press releases really necessary?

      • wdc

        I think today I will email my entire organization, and maybe some partners, with a list of things I’m doing. It’s mostly routine stuff… some contracts, some tweaking of financial reports, a letter of recommendation for my former assistant. I think my public needs, wants, and deserves to know.

    • Isn’t that Government standard operating procedure 101?

  • Petworth resident

    200 plows for a 1/2 inch. Great. So what’s being deployed in response to recent area shootings, including those in the middle of the day and involving toddlers?


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