• Denizen of the Hill

    I didn’t even know Park Tavern had opened. Oops.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Hopefully a different restaurant group has opened this place. Otherwise, there’s little hope that it’ll be anything more than mediocre.

  • Rachel

    I went there last weekend and was surprised in a good way! The crust seemed authentic and the house made mozzarella was DELICIOUS. The only thing I can fault them on was that the pizzas were not cut evenly at all, which made the slices all different sizes. The pizzas came out quickly and the service is significantly better than it was at Park Tavern. As of now I think it has the potential to be much more successful than Park Tavern.

  • benters

    Visited last week after swearing off Park Tavern because of the terrible experiences shared by many. Service was certainly improved, and the drinks prices are much more reasonable than they were when it was Park Tavern. A non-happy hour glass of red wine for $5 feels like a bargain in DC these days.

    The pizza was good, I’d say 8/10. Generous toppings and tasted like true neopolitan pizza. Only complaint would be that the crust was a little thick, but in fairness they may be catering to local tastes with that. Other than that we had a salad, which was nothing special, but hey…it’s a salad.

    It’s basically the same deco as it used to be inside, although they’ve chopped off half the bar to make space for more tables. It all feels a bit temporary, if I’m honest, but maybe they’re testing the “concept” and will improve it with time. Either way, I’ll go back.


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