• Anonymous

    Perfect MCM-meets-Bauhaus; those windows!

    • spookiness

      More FLW influence than Bauhaus. Like.

      • Anonymous

        FLW windows are waaaaaaaay more ornate and decorative than this. Look at all his stained glass.
        These remind of the “factory” style windows you find at Falling Water. Which was really just FLW doing his own interpretation of Bauhaus, so it’s outside his typical Prairie style. The sandstone siding on this house screams FLW.
        Either way, I love this house and want it. I’d love to see the interior.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I love it!

  • Crin

    Pristine 1947. Want.

  • MarkQ

    This looks like the ugly 1950s dorms that were built on my college campus. To me, it felt like I was living in some version of what they thought was sleek and futuristic at the time, but really was kind of bland.

    I’ve often wondered about the development of Crestwood; how such suburban-style lots were carved out in the middle of the city.

    • crin

      Because zoning laws of 1930s did not allow any apartment buildings north of Piney Branch. Homeowners there supported this restriction on theory that apartment dwellers would lower their property values. The Crestwood was originally designed in 1939 and was the first apartment building to challenge the regulation. Developer had to go to Supreme Court to get it built, and then not until after the World War II building material restrictions freed up. Ended up taking like 15 years to get through.


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