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Trouble at Chinito’s Burritos on Florida Ave?

by Prince Of Petworth August 25, 2015 at 11:15 am 15 Comments

635 Florida Ave, NE

@GA77tweets us:

“@PoPville, anyone know what is going on w @chinitosburrito? this picture taken at 3:30pm. Website doesn’t say much”

Calls to the restaurant go unanswered and their facebook page hasn’t been updated since March and twitter since July 9th. Anyone know what’s up?

  • Anonymus

    I went a couple of weeks ago, food was much worse than in the past and the whole situation felt off. Sad to see because it really was one of the best places in town to get a burrito a couple of years ago.

  • AG

    Darn, I kept meaning to try it. It looked really cool and there really aren’t very many burrito options.

  • Simply the case..

    Good businesses close down when you don’t support them frequently enough.

  • anon

    Seems like the folks operating the business changed, not sure if the owner is still the same since it has the same name, etc. The food and service quality was pretty bad in comparison after the ‘management’ changed.

  • Jammin Jimmy

    The people in the neighborhood have done their best to ruin the nice paint job outside with their constant graffiti.

    • Anon

      When I first saw this post, I thought that’s what it was going to be about.

  • L ST NE

    They had the best little “Tex-Mex egg rolls” which were basically mini deep fried burritos. About a year or so ago they underwent some personnel changes and that is when it went downhill. They must’ve noticed some slump in business after that because they did that jack-assed “remodel” which made it confusing to sit down and eat there. Like there’s a counter top all around the room but weren’t any chairs at first. It was just odd.

    Service wise, after the personnel change I had a couple of times they burnt my order and the last time I went there a few months ago it was 5:45pm on a weekday when they were open until 9pm and they were out of the item I wanted. At that point I was like eff this place, if they can’t do food prep properly it isn’t worth my time or money.

    Also it seemed like they had pulled back on some of the stuff they were doing due to the very close proximity to Gallaudet to provide good service to anyone that was hearing impaired. They had a clean and concise menu with a pre-printed menu you ticked stuff off on that was how you ordered. With the personnel changes they updated the overall menu and got rid of the pre-printed menu ordering option.

    • Morton

      Agreed completely. When they first opened, it was awesome, and we probably grabbed dinner there once a week because it was good food and reasonably priced. But within the last year they nosedived. Their prices went up, the service went down, and they constantly screwed up my orders. They also F’d with their hours to the point that I had no idea when they were open. I last went about 4 months ago and swore them off completely, even though they’re 100 yards from my house. Too bad…

  • Amy Z

    I’ve had this happen before – go there when they’re supposed to be open and they’re just not. Might not be a situation, just them having weird schedules. Especially around Gallaudet’s schedule.

    • Survivor77

      Fall 2015 starts at Gallaudet University on Monday (8/31). Could be that they have a limited schedule because of that but I highly doubt that.

    • gk

      i’ve just been assuming that they were slow lately and having weird hours because of gallaudet not being in session. was hoping it would get back to normal soon. but yeah, the staff does seem to have turned over quite a bit. food’s still been good for us.

  • Anon

    I know who then owner is. When he’s in the restaurant working the business, the quality is good and the business thrives. When he works other projects — he gets hired to open other restaurants and tends bar at some prominent local clubs — the operation falls way off. I loved this place and hope Chinito can get it together.

  • thisisarv

    I went last Thursday (8/20) for lunch, and it was closed. Called today, no answer.

  • rmcg84

    I live nearby and have noticed that they now keep very random and inconsistent hours. I ate here about a year ago and it was fine, but went back a few weeks ago it was downright awful — had to throw my food out. It had a taste/smell almost like it had been cooked in some sort of cleaning solution.

  • Guest

    May need an update. Not looking good. A google search brings up the dreaded “permanently closed” label for it. R.I.P.

    Very strange, especially since the inside still looks ready to go. There’s a story here.


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