• jdre

    I can’t tell if this is cute or annoying.

  • JohnH

    Better have proper etiquette if he’s from Potomac.

    • Anon

      Real Groundhogs of Potomac

  • chellefish

    I love this dumb celebration and wish the planners would promote it more. It’s fun, silly, and short, plus they always have cookies. And taxidermied Phil is sustainable and cruelty free to boot! What’s not to like?

  • wdc

    Weather nerds who understand this stuff are already getting excited about the possibility of another “crippling” snowstorm between Feb 10 and 15.

    • Anonymous

      wdc: link?

      • wdc

        dcstorms dot com
        He’s my favorite, because he’s all about the science and probabilities, and doesn’t bother with hype.

    • jenster8dc

      No. DO NOT WANT.

      • BigPuddin


    • AMDCer

      A President’s Day weekend snowstorm sounds about right…

  • vered

    Great example of DC humor. Can’t imagine a display like this anywhere else. I’m kind of glad they don’t promote it more, it’s just there for the folks who are there. Also love the sign about the shadow representative.


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