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West End/Foggy Bottom Dentist Arrested and Charged with First Degree Sexual Abuse of Patient

by Prince Of Petworth February 1, 2016 at 10:13 am 20 Comments

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From MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Sexual Assault Unit announced an arrest has been made in a First Degree Sexual Abuse of a Patient offense which occurred in the 2300 block of M Street, Northwest.

On Wednesday, May 21, 2014, at approximately 12:00 pm, the suspect sexually assaulted a patient during a medical procedure.

On Thursday, January 28, 2016, 43-year-old Dr. Bilal Ahmed of Rockville, MD, was arrested pursuant to a DC Superior Court arrest warrant charging him with First Degree Sexual Abuse of Patient.

Anyone who has information regarding this incident or similar incidents is asked to contact the Metropolitan Police Department on 202-727-9099.”

  • Ben Detofsky
    • Guillermo Brown

      Holy cow. Good reason to check Yelp reviews in the future…this place gets trashed by basically anyone who’s ever been there!

  • Emmaleigh504


  • anonymous

    I just read an article that he was arrested earlier in January when he landed in NYC, returning from a trip to Pakistan, and then was released on bail. Seems like this was his first DC court appearance, but it seems weird that he would have been re-arrested.

    • Anon

      Perhaps this is just a formality at this point? It seems to reference the same incident for which he was arrested in NY.

  • LittleBluePenguin

    Oh god, that’s awful! I’m already scared of having to find a dentist (I’m horribly overdue!), this is quite the demotivator!

    • Anon Spock

      Plenty of female dentists. Never heard of them doing anything predatory with patients.

      • FridayGirl

        +1 to this. Nothing against male dentists as I’m sure most of them are not this creepy but I love having a female dentist.

      • you’ve clearly never seen horrible bossess

        • Anon Spock

          Yup, I’ve seen it, but I didn’t think jokes were appropriate on a sexual assault post. Silly me!

    • Anon X

      Add this to the list of reasons that conscious sedation/general anesthesia is inappropriate for the office setting.

      You need someone trained monitoring your vitals and IV and multiple people in the room makes sure that everyone keeps their hands out of your pants.

    • Anon

      Go to Modern Dentistry. Everyone there is wonderful. Front desk staff, hygienists, dentists. I had a bad accident last year involving my teeth, and Dr. Abramson was phenomenal. I also have been a general patient for 6 years now. so can also attest to the positive experience of general check ups. They never push unneeded services on you, and will even refer you to specialists outside their office when they know it will be to your advantage (instead of keeping you in house to charge more $$).

      • BettyinFH

        second this, though MD isn’t without its hiccups. i’ve had some issues with their scheduling and auto-reminder.

    • lindz0722

      After a 6-year dentist hunt, I have landed happily at Modern Dentistry in Tenleytown (despite not living near there) and definitely recommend them.

      • lindz0722

        And I just saw that two others posted this same thing.

    • Ben Detofsky

      Pam Brady at 1145 19th St. NW. THE BEST

    • Go see Dr Cote in Pentagon City! He’s walking distance from the metro, right across from Pentagon Row. He’s wonderful and so is everyone who works there. (BTW, I am a woman)

  • lalamonday

    I went to this guy a couple of times a few years ago and decided not to go back because he was a very arrogant ass. Based on the yelp reviews, lots of people felt the same way.

  • RV

    Some Tim Whatley BS right there. This is why there are so many anti-dentites.

    • meerswan

      is it normal for your tooth to make a hissing or chirping sound?


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