Washington, DC

capital checkers

Thanks to a few folks for emailing – U Street Buzz tweeted earlier:

“Capital Checkers, a 30-yr-old Shaw institution, has no heat, may have to close. Pls donate”

The Fundraiser says:

“Capital Checkers has been a DC cultural institution for over 30 years, located just off U St on the corner of S & 9th NW. Home to several national champions and grand master players, Capital Checkers is one of the only checkers associations in America that provides a dedicated space for its members. Over the years, DC has gentrified, rent has gone up, and members have had to pay more and more. This year, the furnace broke, and their is no heat in the building. Members continue to play in the cold building, but they do not have enough money to make the repairs and pay rent. Without your help, Capital Checkers will have to close its doors.

For decades, Capital Checkers has provided opportunities for youth, adults and seniors to come together around a simple pleasure, playing checkers. They have taught in schools, engaged the local community, and provided important outlets for senior citizens, but they need your help. Donate today to ensure this DC institution lives on for future generations”



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